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The Importance of Disaster Recovery: Creating Response Plans That Protect Against Uncertainty

200330 blog disaster recovery

Future proofing enterprise operations has always been critical, but the importance of having disaster recovery plans in place has never been clearer than it is in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global challenges like the coronavirus affect all businesses, interrupting processes and service delivery and—in some unfortunate cases—compromising a business’s ability to recover.

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COVID-19 Customer Update

200318 customer response

As we monitor the COVID-19 situation developing around the world, our top priority is to maintain the health and safety of our employees, clients and community members while maintaining a consistent level of client service. We wanted to reach out to you to provide an update on what Data Foundry is doing in the wake of the current events.

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Data Foundry's 2020 COVID-19 Response

200304 covid prep

General Guidance

Data Foundry follows the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance for business and employers for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) for preparation and response. For employees, this guidance is:

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Houston 2’s Completed Expansion Meets Growing Houston Business Demand for Reliable Capacity and More

200210 pr blog

The growth and implementation of IoT-enabled technologies and data-hungry applications has been expanding across Houston’s market and changing the demands of local business. When combined with Houston’s status as a top metro for economic growth potential and as a home to the headquarters of 21 Forbes Global 2000 companies, the business community’s impressive growth has created an expanded need for capable and scalable data center solutions. Now, enterprises encompassing a range of verticals, including healthcare, energy and manufacturing, are driving even greater demand for reliable capacity and high-availability infrastructure that is close to the markets they serve.

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Foregoing the All-Cloud Framework: Why Some Enterprises Are Opting for Hybrid Business Strategies

200204 cloud

When it comes to implementing a capable business framework in the dynamic world of digital transformation, considerations surrounding cost, efficiency, reliability, safety and beyond can lead enterprises in all sorts of directions. As of late, the business world has been redefined by mass movements to the cloud, and as this off-premises method grew mainstream, cloud adoption grew to a whopping 96 percent in 2018.

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The Search is On: The Benefits of Partnering with a Premier Data Center Provider

191106 blog partnership

It’s no secret that data makes the contemporary world go round. Currently, the amount of generated data is continuing on its dramatic upswing, and enterprises across the globe are shifting their data management strategies off-premises to meet increasing requirements. As data continues to serve as a fundamental asset for a vast host of applications and operations across nearly all industries, finding an ideal place for this critical resource is paramount.

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Still an ‘Act of God?’ Climate change increasingly seen as risk to business, economy

Hou chron climate article 1

For a brief moment at a Houston-area business luncheon this month, talk turned sinister. No one gasped, but something spooky was said: Climate change is going to hurt bottom lines.

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Houston 2 Expansion with 27,000 sq. ft. of white floor space and 4MW of capacity

Hou2 aerial

Construction is underway of a new data hall, offering 27,000 square feet of white floor space and 4MW of capacity, as an addition to Houston 2 data center campus. As demand for data center space, low latency and cost-efficacy in the Houston area grows, this project delivers greater capacity to customers and is expected to be ready for customer deployments in Q4 2019.

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Should You Implement Software Defined Networking?


In the past decade, software defined networking (SDN) has evolved from an ultra-hyped set of emerging technologies expected to revolutionize interconnected networks to a formidable, trusted solution offered by vendors from Cisco to VMWare. And it’s growing at a steady pace, with a projected market worth of more than $12 billion in 2022, according to a report by IDC.

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What Is a Zero-Day Attack? (and How to Minimize Risk)

Zero attack day2

In the digital age when nearly every business and industry is powered by sophisticated technology, updates are a fact of life. Software developers are constantly releasing new versions of their solutions while hardware manufacturers are consistently seeking new ways to improve their products.

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