Hybrid Models Shift the Way Enterprises Contract for Dedicated Office Space

Jan 27, 2021 | Colocation, Managed Services

With flexible work solutions continuing to enable employees to work from home, rethinking how companies will re-integrate their employees back to the office is top of mind. While some companies will continue with a flexible and remote workforce, commonly referred to as a hybrid model, others will embrace an opportunity to provide employees with powerful internet, readily accessible services, and a collaborative in-person environment, perhaps just a little differently.

Rethinking a dedicated office space approach is a smart way to optimize employee performance while ensuring access to information and technology capabilities they can use to perform daily tasks without issue. While many companies will look to fill their underutilized office space again or downsize their leases and offer flexible hybrid work environments, others will creatively consider the best locations for their employees to improve the way they work and support key business functions.

Employees tethered at home using traditional telephony and cable provider services will welcome the return to an office environment. When employees are in an office, their communications and IT infrastructure are managed and delivered by their employers. One less problem for them to be concerned about and fewer interruptions with optimal speeds to conduct day-to-day business will be a respite.

Dedicated Office Space for IT Professionals

Information Technology (IT) is the foundation of a digitally optimized business. Network connectivity, shared data and storage, cloud applications, and collaborative tools are now the foundations of a truly enabled business. Many enterprises approach their technology infrastructure by designing hybrid networking solutions. They have core servers hosting sensitive corporate data in private colocation facilities and leverage publicly available cloud services and applications like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Marketo, and more through traditional internet capabilities. The hybrid approach to networking solutions isn’t new, a hybrid approach to workforce location is. As a result, there is a way to optimize both, particularly for those working in IT.

Dedicated office space provides companies and their employees with private, furnished professional offices, cubicles, as well as communications infrastructure such as phones, internet, and conference rooms. Many companies that rely on data center and colocation providers don’t always have a chance to be close to their digital infrastructure, with Data Foundry, that’s different.

Data Foundry’s Texas 2 Data Center, in Austin, was purposely designed to house a company’s most sensitive compute infrastructure, as well as the people responsible to manage this infrastructure. The facility features dedicated office space, fully customizable to ensure they can serve as both a primary and disaster recovery site for your mission-critical data and employees.

Optimizing IT Infrastructure While Empowering Personnel

One of the main reasons companies choose to host both their compute infrastructure and IT personnel in dedicated office space at Data Foundry’s Texas 2 Data Center is the always-on, always-available capabilities ensuring there’s never the loss of power, internet connectivity, and accessibility to the company’s core digital infrastructure. The facility boasts top-level security and provides employees access to special amenities that make their working experience more comfortable. To make things even more convenient for external IT teams, is that our dedicated office spaces are available 24x7x365.

Data Foundry’s Texas 2 data center offers a host of capabilities to ensure your digital infrastructure is always on, available, and working for you. Dedicated Office Space, adjacent to your core digital infrastructure, provides you with the hands-on and immediate assurance that your team is where they need to be when they are needed. To learn more about our data center, colocation, and dedicated office space capabilities, we invite you to a virtual tour of our Texas 2 data center here.

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