We Accommodate Any Size Footprint

Whether having more space or fewer cabinets is your priority, we provide colocation solutions that meet your needs. We accommodate tenants that only require 1/2 a cabinet as well as those who want private data suites. We provide a variety of options for cages, cabinets, panels and physical security to meet your specific demands. Our infrastructure experts are happy to take a consultative approach when it comes to choices for layout, infrastructure and power requirements.

  • Icon Customized security options
  • Icon Customized layout
  • Icon Secure cages and dedicated private suites
  • Icon Secure 1/2 & full lockable cabinets
  • Icon Custom cooling options
  • Icon Cages and equipment available for rent
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High-Density Power & Cooling

Because the majority of our data centers are purpose-built, they are perfect for high performance computing. We can provide up to 22 kW of cooling to individual racks in your conventional air-cooled deployment, and we can provide water-cooled racks that handle over 50 kW of power each if needed. Our team of experts will help accurately evaluate your power and cooling requirements.

  • Concurrently maintainable N+1 power
  • Any type of power from single phase 120V to 3 phase 208V
  • Supply power you need per rack
  • Adjustable air CFM to cabinets to match cooling needs
  • Floor tiles for high density cooling
  • Chimney cabinets available


Our data centers are strategically located in areas of dense fiber-optic connectivity. We provide access to 18+ carriers at our Texas data centers and we are always adding more. Whether your organization prefers to use a national Internet provider or a small regional provider, we can accommodate your needs. We also offer a blended Internet service that provides access to a minimum of four carriers at once. We have a solid network backbone connecting all of our Texas data centers that enables multi-site redundancy for disaster recovery.

Tenured Staff Onsite

Many of our staff members have been with us since the 1990s, and they have decades of industry experience. Our technicians, engineers and electricians are all certified in their respective areas. We are operator-owned and our executives are veterans of the IT and Internet industries. Unlike many other data centers, we have a tenured security staff. We do not hire contractors for security work. Data Foundry’s staff provides onsite security and support 24 x 7 x 365. Our staff includes:

  • Facility techs
  • Master electricians
  • Network engineers
  • Journeyman electricians
  • Security administrators
  • NOC techs
  • Infrastructure specialists

High-Touch Services

We understand every aspect of data center operations, and our people are focused on providing the best support. Our certified electricians and technicians provide Virtual Hands services 24 x 7 x 365.

  • IconRemote cabling
  • IconReplacement or installation of equipment
  • IconPatching of network connectivity
  • IconLoading and unloading backup tapes
  • IconPower cycling
  • IconHard drive swap
  • IconDirected command line entry for basic troubleshooting
  • IconDrop shipping and installation

To learn more about our high-touch services, download the Virtual Hands information sheet.

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Regulatory Compliance

Data Foundry has made the investment in critical infrastructure, tools, services and personnel required to achieve regulatory compliance with SSAE 16, HIPAA and PCI. Our compliance reflects our commitment to support the highest standards for business process control, data security and privacy.

SSAE Compliant
HIPPA Compliant
PCI Compliant
AICPA Compliant

Purpose-Built Data Centers

Our purpose-built Texas data centers are designed and constructed specifically for data center use. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, and security, efficiency and redundancy are built into the infrastructure. Limited entry points and multi-layer security provide peace of mind. Due to a depressed slab foundation, there are no ramps leading up to white floor space making it easy to move equipment in and out.

  • Icon 8 layers of advanced security
  • Icon Up to 215 mph wind rating on building structure
  • Icon Up to 2N built-in mechanical and electrical redundancy
  • Icon Diverse power feeds
  • Icon Strategic locations
  • Icon Built for customer convenience
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