Why Enterprises Use Reliable Data Center Partners for Remote Experiences

Jan 13, 2021 | Colocation, Remote Work

2020 has shown us the problem some enterprises faced when pivoting to remote work environments. No matter your industry, we’ve all had to get creative with our solutions. Whether it’s meeting virtually with clients or working remotely, all of these solutions require a stable network and a reliable data center that can handle all IT operational tasks.

Yes, we all hope that we’ll be able to go back to meeting in public, some of these changes fall more on the permanent side of how we all do business. It’s easy to see why a data center partner could be an integral part of how your enterprise does business moving forward. Here are some key reasons.

Enterprise remote work might be here to stay

While we can all agree that we do not want to see another pandemic like this — 2020 has exposed some inefficiencies in our work lives. Workers and employers have faced the challenge of getting used to working remotely and operating a business from a remote work environment as well. On top of that, employees are now seeking remote opportunities that businesses are now pivoting to.

Those changes are a good thing. This means that you can have a better, happier employee who is getting their personal needs met in a way that just wasn’t possible before remote experiences. It also means you aren’t ever limited to a candidate pool for a potentially vital position at your enterprise. Just because your business is located in Houston, doesn’t mean you can’t hire the best person — even if they happen to live in another state and don’t want to relocate.

It also opens up commerce options. This year has been the year of virtual commerce, whether you run a B2B or B2C businesses, you’ve felt the crunch if your virtual experiences are not great — and the boom of business if it is. From meeting with clients to selling your product to consumers, virtual meetings, eCommerce, and secure document transfers will all need to be accounted for in your enterprise network. So, what will you need to get all this done (and keep it running smoothly)? You guessed it, a reliable data center.

Why a reliable data center needs to be first on your to-do list

A reliable data center is essentially the backbone of your enterprise network. While it might be more inexpensive to do things virtually, it does have a cost — and that comes in the form of bandwidth. If your network doesn’t have the capability to quickly expand, it could impact mission-critical IT and business operations. Moving your IT infrastructure to a trusted data center partner can give you the flexibility to expand quickly as the need arises, instead of trying to make costly improvements or additions to your in-house servers with limited on-site staff.

Not only that, but it also gives you peace of mind. You never want to get a call at 1 AM letting you know that your network is down. At Data Foundry, we have 24x7x365 support, world-class infrastructure, and expert IT management so that kind of call might not happen. Data Foundry has a number of network enhancements that make sure your IT needs AND security needs are met.

Virtual business techniques should apply to your data center too — so you can make sure that your data center is safe and secure. Data Foundry also offers remote hands services for just this reason. We’ve made it easy for you to remotely manage your data — even if you’re half a continent away. And if you find yourself half a continent away, we have expert on-site staff 24x7x365 to handle any hardware reboots, upgrades, updates, and more.

There you have it, 2020 was the year that business embraced the virtual experience. Now it’s time to get a reliable data center that can handle your needs. Looking for one? Give us a call or set up a virtual tour and see the difference Data Foundry can make.

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