Data Foundry offers primary, secondary, and disaster recovery colocation solutions that include secure cabinets, cages, and dedicated private suites.  Data Foundry owns and operates carrier-neutral data centers in Austin and Houston, Texas. We offer global colocation from any of our Global Data Centers located in Ashburn, Los Angeles, Amsterdam or Hong Kong.

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Whether you need business-grade Internet access, a high-performance private data network or satellite pad access, Data Foundry has a full range of network services that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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  • Carrier Neutral

    Carrier Neutral

    17+ carrier options with diverse entry. Our carrier meet-me rooms offer a marketplace for competitive pricing options.

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  • Commercial Network

    Commercial Network

    Data Foundry’ provides options to connect your office to the most reliable internet access.

  • Blended Internet Access

    Blended Internet Access

    We offer blended Internet service that leverages multiple Internet backbones providers. This ensures multi-layered redundancy with multiple high-capacity fiber networks.

  • Satellite Pad Access

    Satellite Pad Access

    We offer satellite network connections that include concrete-reinforced pads with roof and tower rights.

Disaster Recovery

Whether you need multi-site redundancy, dedicated office space or private fiber connectivity between data centers, Data Foundry can design and service customized Disaster Recovery deployments.

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Multi-Site Redundancy

Multi-Site Redundancy

Data Foundry is a Global Colocation provider and can support multi-site disaster recover deployments. We are carrier neutral with 17+ carriers and have our own private TexasNAP network for regional deployments in Texas.

Dedicated Office Space

Dedicated Office Space

We offer dedicated office space to ensure your staff can stay productive while working offsite. Our office space designs are flexible and can accommodate single to multi-person office applications. Amenities include: Wi-Fi access, customer lounge and even showers.

Private Fiber Connectivity

Private Fiber Connectivity

Even in the event of a natural disaster, you have private and secure fiber connectivity between your primary site and your disaster recovery site.

Managed Services

Outsource your day to day management and responsibilities to our managed services team. We can help improve your operations and cut costs.

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  • Blended Bandwidth

    Blended Bandwidth

    We offer blended Internet service that leverages multiple Internet backbones providers. This ensures multi-layered redundancy with multiple high-capacity fiber networks.

  • Virtual Hands

    Virtual Hands

    Our highly-trained technicians and electricians are staffed full-time, acting as your remote data center operator to ensure you uninterrupted business. – 24x7x365.

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    Virtual Hands Features:

    • Remote Cabling
    • Replacement or Installation of Equipment
    • Patching of Network Connectivity
    • Loading and Unloading Backup Tapes
    • Power Cycling
    • Hard Drive Swap
    • Directed Command Line Entry for Basic Troubleshooting
    • Drop Shipping and Installation – Data Foundry’s top-level engineers will customize a solution including rack & stack, rack layout optimization, design consulting or a post-deployment evaluation, to ensure a seamless transition of your systems into our facilities.
  • Managed Firewalls

    Managed Firewalls

    Data Foundry’s Managed Firewall services include configuration and management as well as monitoring, patching and security policy auditing. Our services are equipped with best-in-class Cisco gear including a one hour hardware replacement.

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    Managed Firewall Services:

    • Configuration and Management
    • 24x7x365 Monitoring on and off Premise
    • Detect, Block, and Alert Security Threats
    • 1 HR Hardware Replacement
    • Annual Security Consultation
  • Monitoring

    NOC as a Service

    Data Foundry’s comprehensive Monitoring Service provides real-time visibility into the performance of your IT operations. This managed service offers out-of-the-box compatibility with everything you want to monitor and combines it with our highly-trained staff that is responsible and accountable for delivering services 24x7x365.

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    Monitoring Features:

    • Easy to use graphical user interface
    • Business service containers and views
    • SLA monitoring and measurement
    • Real-time and historical reporting
    • Customizable dashboards
  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage

    We can help manage your growing storage needs. Avoid purchasing hardware that you never fully leverage and before you know it, you need to replace. We can make sure you get the functionality you need and never have to refresh this ever expanding essential component in your network.

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    Cloud Storage Features:

    • Scalable – from Terabytes to Petabytes
    • Local – Your stored data stays close to home, not traversing the internet
    • Offsite replication available
    • Flexible configurations for your use case – Database, Application, Backup Target, or Archival
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Mitigation

    DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Mitigation

    Data Foundry offers a comprehensive managed service to protect your application infrastructure from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Our network attack prevention appliance will protect your infrastructure against network & application downtime, vulnerability exploitation, malware propagation, information theft and other emerging network attacks.

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  • Network Services

    Network Services

    The Data Foundry network services team can help you ensure your critical business network is up 24x7x365. We manage a global network in over 40 countries and have tenured experience in network management since 1994.

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    Complete Network Services Features:

    • Network Design/Optimization
    • Remote management of your network
    • Point to Point connectivity options
    • Equipment Leasing
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection Service)

    IDS (Intrusion Detection Service)

    Let us help you Identify potential threats to your data that you cannot stop or see. If you are worried about Trojans, Scans, Botnets, Malware, Internet Worms and all other forms of unauthorized access, we can help. Our offering meets key requirements in PCI DSS, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance regulations.

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    IDS/IPS Features:

    • Identify unauthorized forms of access
    • 24/7 state-of-the-art security monitoring center
    • Over 53,000 signatures and updated weekly
  • Structured Cabling

    Structured Cabling

    Data Foundry provides highly-customizable structured cabling services to meet your organization’s needs. Our certified technicians deliver nothing less than world-class, clean-cut craftsmanship and a scalable setup using premium materials. We stand by our work with a warranty that lasts the lifetime of your deployment.

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