The Data Ranch

The Data Ranch is a data center campus located in Austin, TX. This 40-acre tract is uniquely positioned to meet enterprise requirements for build-to-suit data center development.

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Data Ranch aerial view, Austin, TX

Data Ranch Services

  • build to suit data centers


    Customers can leverage redundant utilities already installed on the Data Ranch, as well as our 20+ years of industry expertise. Similar to the construction of our own purpose-built data centers, we oversee your entire project from design to completion to ensure you receive the best facility possible in a timely and affordable fashion.

  • data center management

    Data Center Management

    We provide financial and data center operations consulting to ensure best practices are utilized. Our team of seasoned technicians and engineers is available to fully manage your data center operations so you can focus on your core IT infrastructure. See all of our managed services.

  • colocation, raised white floor


    Our purpose-built data centers, Texas 1 and Texas 2 reside on the Data Ranch. Our premium data centers are capable of storing multi-megawatt deployments for either your primary equipment or disaster recovery site requirements.

Data Ranch Property Features

  • Data Ranch redundant utilities

    Redundant Utilities

    The property features redundant power feeds from two separate 400 MW-capable substations, including an end-to-end underground concrete encased feed. The property also features feeds from two independent water utility sources, with a 48-inch main source located 12 feet underground, and redundant network carrier entry points.

  • Data Ranch network carriers

    Carrier-Neutral Network

    We have developed relationships with a wide range of global network carriers and positioned the Data Ranch in an area of dense fiber with access to over 18 network carriers. Data Ranch services include connectivity access for any of your data or telecommunication needs.

Data Ranch campus plan

Data Ranch Campus Plan

Data Foundry's current data center campus on the Data Ranch consists of Texas 1 and the first phase of Texas 2. There is ample space for future expansion and build-to-suit data center projects.

U.S. power grid map

Independent Power Grid

Texas is on its own power grid, regulated and managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The Texas Interconnect supplies its own energy and is completely independent of the Eastern and Western Interconnects, where one state’s power decisions may affect all states.

Austin risk assessment map

Strategically Located

Austin is located in an area that is one of North America’s safest from the effects of natural disasters that could affect mission-critical operations. Along with being located in an area that has a low incidence of tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes, the Data Ranch is located outside the 500 year floodplain and over 160 miles from the nearest nuclear plant.

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