Top Reasons Why Texas Data Centers are Strategically Located

Feb 3, 2021 | Colocation, Data Centers

IT disasters can happen suddenly and quickly if your organization is not prepared but failure to plan for any issues or outages could impact your business operations at a critical level. Disasters happen, and while you can’t hope to avoid them all — you definitely can plan to mitigate those disasters as much as possible.

If there’s one place that IT departments need to have a stronghold in, it’s their data and infrastructure. The core essence of your business, every second you don’t have access to your cloud or IT infrastructure could be damaging to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve taken every precaution with our Texas Data Centers to make sure that they’re strategically located and able to handle what mother nature has to offer.

What makes our Houston 2 and Texas 2 Data Center locations special?

You know the old adage about the three best qualities of a business? Location, location, and location. Our Texas data centers are strategically located for convenience, but also for protection from natural disasters. Our unique locations have us outside earthquake and tornado zones, above the 500-year flood plain, and are in 185-215 mph wind-rated facilities. It’s vitally important that our infrastructure holds up no matter what’s going on outside. If you’ve ever experienced weather or disaster-related outages, we know you’ll feel the same way.

Compare our Texas Data Centers to places on the coasts where inclement weather and earthquakes are common. It’s not even close: ours have been strategically chosen to represent the best in safety and security so that our customers will know they’re secure. Don’t think disasters represent a statistical threat? The numbers are alarming. In March of 2020, national trucking company, Western Express had its data center completely wiped out by a tornado. All of its IT hardware gone in less than a half-hour. With climate change becoming more and more a reality, it’s easy to see that you’ll want a data center that takes this factor into consideration.

How are our Texas Data Centers strategically located?

First off, we have a large area where we were able to build resilient and redundant infrastructures so that our customers will have multi-site redundancy. They’re far enough away that a disaster isn’t likely to hit both, and with multiple carriers and our own private Texas NAP, we’re able to provide colocation deployments and multi-site disaster recovery deployments for both the Texas 2 and Houston 2 data centers.

Data Foundry’s disaster recovery deployments feature redundant power and redundant internet connections, eight layers of advanced security, and fully lockable cabinets to mitigate threats from nature AND from cyberattacks. Our independent power grid is especially a big deal, as your data isn’t dependent on what happens to the rest of the outside world.

It’s rare to find a place with this level of security that’s also conveniently located. As it stands now, our Texas 2 center is conveniently located near an international airport so that you’ll be able to visit in person without having to jump through travel hoops — or just tour us virtually and see how things are being run from the comfort of your own home.

We know how important security is to your business — our Texas Data Centers take it very seriously too. Want to learn more? Schedule a tour or get a quick quote today.