Why Enterprises Choose Customer Success as an IT Decision Factor

Mar 3, 2021 | Customer Success, IT

Since the beginning of modern-day business, there’s always been one big rule: give your customer what they want. If that was the case and it was just a matter of saying it, then every enterprise would succeed. We know that this just isn’t true. It’s hard work that takes dedication and enthusiasm for customer success to work as a strategy. We believe that even in a technology-driven field like IT, the human element should never be ignored.

That’s why we recommend that any enterprise colocation deployment utilize customer success in their strategy.

What is customer success?

Customer success is a business methodology that ensures your clients achieve their desired outcome while using your product. Sounds like customer service, right? Well, yes and no. Customer success is all about outcomes, whereas customer service is essentially about reactions. In its most basic form, customer success puts the client first — when they win you win. But what does winning actually look like? It might be trickier than you think. That’s where the technology side of customer success comes in.

How does customer success work with enterprise colocation?

A concrete customer success strategy has the power to not only make clear, discernable goals for our client but also keeps our IT strategies focused and potent. It provides the opportunity for updates to the customer to reshape and reform ideas on how an IT strategy should work — and can show them its effectiveness as those customer goals are reached.

That means clear communication. Your enterprise colocation deployment should always feel like a benefit, an asset, and an ally to your enterprise. That’s what customer success is all about.

Why is customer success important for enterprise colocation?

In general, the more turnover you have in your IT department the less effective it is. We believe in long-term clients. How do you get those clients? By giving them the power of choice. Consumers and businesses should never feel forced into purchasing a product or service because there are limited options — we believe that instead, they should choose that product because it helps them achieve their goals. That means not accepting mediocrity. We don’t build data centers that are simply “good enough” we want to be the best, because we believe that our clients deserve nothing less than that.

What does that mean? We hire only the best — from construction managers to data center technicians so you know that you have the best enterprise colocation center built and run from the ground up. This creates a great atmosphere for innovation and success — things that have helped our clients achieve their IT goals year after year. Interested to see some concrete examples of our values? Let’s figure out your goals and start you on the path to success today. We’d love to hear from you.

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