Data Sheets

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Texas 2 Specifications

Located on our 40-acre Data Ranch in Austin, Texas 2 is a master-planned 325,000 square foot purpose-built data center with office space, suited for high-density colocation. This spec sheet provides detailed information to assess your data center infrastructure, network and security needs.

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Houston 2 Specifications

Houston 2 is the premier data center in the Houston metroplex. Built three feet above the 500-year floodplain, Houston 2 is a 185-mph wind rated building, suited for high-density colocation. The spec sheet provides the details to assess your infrastructure, network and security needs.

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Texas 1 Specifications

Texas 1 is a 130,000 square foot, purpose-built data center with office space located on the 40-acre Data Ranch in Austin, TX, supporting high-density deployments. This spec sheet provides detailed information for assessing your data center infrastructure, network and security needs.

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Austin 1 Specifications

Austin 1 is a 40,000 square foot facility featuring redundant power and cooling with multiple layers of security, and is located minutes from Austin"s international airport. This specification sheet provides detailed information to assess your data center infrastructure, network and security needs.

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Houston 1 Specifications

Our Houston 1 data center is centrally located in the Galleria business district and features redundant power feeds from separate power grids and multiple network feeds. The specification sheet provides detailed information to assess your infrastructure, network and security needs.

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Austin Risk Assessment

Central Texas is considered one of the safest locations for colocation and mission-critical operations due to the low-risk for natural disasters and independent power grid. To help illustrate this point, we have highlighted the five most common disaster concerns in a risk assessment map.

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CloudTap Features

Data Foundry offers customers a direct connection to the cloud. Securely tap into the cloud and connect your deployment and corporate offices to any major cloud provider to get low-latency connectivity without traversing the public Internet. Learn more about this service.

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Cloud Storage Features

Data Foundry’s Dedicated Cloud Storage is an enterprise storage-as-a-service solution with high availability features and dedicated resources. Forget about annual maintenance and hardware refreshes. Download the data sheet to learn more about this service.

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Managed Services Overview

As a service-focused colocation provider, we offer our customers an extensive list of managed services to facilitate your IT strategy, including network services, security services and disaster recovery solutions. Download the data sheet to learn more about our managed services.

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Virtual Hands Overview

Your company can trust our skilled and tenured technicians and engineers to be your eyes and hands in the data center. We are as hands-on or hands-off as your company prefers. Download the data sheet to learn about complimentary and add-on Virtual Hands support services.

White Papers

Bg img card hurricane disaster recovery

How to Select the Best Data Center for Disaster Recovery

Choosing a data center for disaster recovery is a crucial and complex decision. We have compiled a list of the top 10 key factors every organization should consider when looking for a disaster recovery data center solution to help you make the best decision.

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The Truth About Dual Power Feeds

The truth about dual power feeds is simple; not all dual feeds are created equally. Data center power configurations are complex and oftentimes misleading. Learn how to identify different types of power configurations and the pros and cons of each.

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5 Pillars of a World-Class Data Center

Companies today have increasing expectations for uptime, scalability and security. Their data center should be a critical piece of the solution. Learn about the 5 characteristics of a true world-class data center and how they meet modern enterprise demands.

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Purpose-Built Vs Retrofitted Data Centers

There are four key areas of difference between purpose-built and retrofitted data centers, including location, weather resilience, design and infrastructure. Download our white paper to learn the differences and decide what type is best for your company.

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Infrastructure Wars: Colocation Vs Cloud

When organizations deliberate the movement of their IT assets to the cloud, there are many questions around pricing, agility, security and scalability. In our white paper, we consult infrastructure experts with decades of experience to help you find the answers.

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Evaluating a Data Center Begins Underground

Some of a data center's most important qualities can be evaluated by taking a peek underground. There you'll get a glimpse of the resiliency and redundancy of the utilties a facility offers, and you don't have to be present during construction to see it.


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Disaster Recovery Site Checklist

If your business loses thousands of dollars in revenue from just one hour of downtime, it’s essential to consider a secure and reliable secondary site for your backup servers and staff. Use this list as a tool to evaluate your disaster preparedness.

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Data Center Comparison Checklist

Compare data centers and providers using an interactive checklist that includes over 100 key criteria to compare and score options based on building structure, utility infrastructure, reliability, security, company history, connectivity and more.

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Data Center Migration Checklist

Our migration checklist was compiled by experts in the colocation industry that have over a decade of experience with data center migrations. Download our checklist to help plan your migration timeline and avoid common mistakes.


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Texas 2 Data Center Infographic

Learn about our Texas 2 data center with this informative and fun infographic. From football fields to spaceships, it makes space and power relations to some of the Texas' iconic staples. Beyond the fun, it describes how Texas 2 is great for your IT environment.

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Hurricane Disaster Recovery Infographic

View our Hurricane Disaster Recovery infographic to learn about hurricane predictions, the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history and the cost of downtime. Learn what ten key factors to look for in a disaster recovery site for your business.

Ddos infographic 1

DDoS Attacks Are on the Rise Infographic

View our infographic to learn how distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are evolving and increasing. The infographic features the top types of attack vectors, average attack duration, revenue loss and attack source countries.

Df hipaa print

Determine if Cloud Storage is HIPAA-Compliant

If you're having trouble determining if a cloud storage provider is HIPAA-compliant, you aren't alone. HIPAA-certified is a common marketing term that can be misleading. Use our infographic to help determine HIPAA-compliance.

Service Brochures

Bg img card structured cabling brochure

Structured Cabling

Our certified technicians design and implement world-class structured cabling inside and outside our data centers, leaving your infrastructure organized and scalable. Our work is warrantied for the lifetime of your deployment. Download the brochure to learn more about this service.

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DDoS Mitigation

We provide our customers with a fully managed, hybrid DDoS solution (cloud-based and on-prem) that utilizes behavioral-based protection and profile optimization. Our mitigation technology is always on and monitored 24x7x365. Download the brochure to learn more.

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Network Assessment

We help companies gain a detailed understanding of their network infrastructure and identify opportunities to improve network performance, reliability and security. With network documentation and analysis, a company can make more informed and strategic decisions in IT moving forward.

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Network Management

Take the burden of continuous uptime off your staff and let Data Foundry’s network engineers take over. Data Foundry can design and manage a redundant network that provides 100% uptime so you can rest assured your network is always available to meet your business needs.

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Managed Backup

Enterprise data is increasingly diverse and complex. Maintaining separate backup solutions for all data types and sources is costly and inefficient. Our managed backup solution provides data protection and rapid recovery across applications and traditional storage platforms.

Case Studies

Bg img card birkman international case study

Birkman International

Birkman International, a 60-year-old firm based in Houston, Texas, is one of the top personal and career assessment companies in the world. Demand for Birkman’s online services was skyrocketing faster than their IT infrastructure and capabilities. Birkman chose us to help manage growth.

Bg img card delta rigging case study

Delta Rigging & Tools

Delta Rigging and Tools (DR&T) is the largest U.S. provider of industrial lifting products and services serving energy markets. DR&T faced increasing operational and capital expenses running their in-house data center, and was also concerned with the threat of hurricane floods in Houston, Texas.

Bg img card amplify case study

Amplify Credit Union

Amplify Credit Union is an Austin–based, member-owned financial institution with over 42,000 members. While it’s grown tremendously, its first priority has always been in serving the best interests of its members. The company chose Data Foundry for its security standards and reliability.

Bg img card mattress case study

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is the nation's leading mattress retailer, headquartered in Houston, TX. Mattress Firm chose Data Foundry's structured cabling team to re-cable their data center deployment to improve efficiency and troubleshooting, as well as to future-proof their environment.

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Hurricane Harvey

This case study examines how Data Foundry's Houston 2 data center and dedicated staff weathered Hurricane Harvey with 100% uptime. Read how this historic storm developed, how Data Foundry prepared for it, and how they kept all their Houston customers online.


Bg img card timelapse tx2 video

Time Lapse Video: Texas 2 Construction

The time lapse video of our Texas 2 data center in Austin includes interior and exterior shots and begins with the installation of underground infrastructure and ends with the completion of the façade. Texas 2 opened for business in January 2018.

Bg img card grand opening hous2 video

Grand Opening Celebration for Houston 2

Watch the grand opening ceremony for Houston 2, a 350,000 square-foot data center and Houston's first premier colocation facility, with speeches from our co-founders, Texas Congress representatives and special guest, Olympian Carl Lewis.

Bg img card timelapse h2 video

Time Lapse Video: Houston 2 Construction

The time lapse video of our Houston 2 data center includes interior and exterior shots and begins with the installation of underground infrastructure and ends with the completion of the façade. Houston 2 opened for business on July 1, 2015.

Bg img card hous2 groundbreaking video

Data Foundry Houston 2 Ground Breaking

Watch the ground-breaking ceremony for Data Foundry’s master-planned Houston 2 data center, a 350,000 square foot, 36-megawatt facility, with speeches from our co-founder, CTO and special guest Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

Bg img card timelapse tx1 video

Time Lapse Video: Texas 1 Construction

The time lapse video of our Texas 1 data center in Austin includes interior and exterior shots and begins with the installation of underground infrastructure and ends with the completion of the façade. Texas 1 opened for business on July 20th, 2011.

Bg img card tx1 groundbreaking video

Data Foundry Texas 1 Ground Breaking Ceremony

Watch the ground-breaking ceremony for Data Foundry's Texas 1 data center, a 130,000 square-foot facility in Austin. Co-founder Ron Yokubaitis announces the construction of our first purpose-built data center and discusses the company's history.

Bg img card tbyi 2015 video

“Take Back Your Internet” Privacy Panel - SXSW 2015

Panelists including top communications lawyers and executives from Data Foundry, Comptel and Public Knowledge discuss current Net Neutrality issues before Congress and the FCC and the competition-stifling practices of major cable companies.

Bg img card hostingcon video

Internet Privacy Panel at HostingCon 2014

One year post-Snowden, panelists from ServInt, the ACLU, Data Foundry, CEA, Access, the CDT and the New America Foundation discuss increased government surveillance and changes in legal processes leading up to it since 9/11.

Bg img card tbyi 2014 video

“Take Back Your Internet” Privacy Panel - SXSW 2014

Panelists from the New America Foundation, Fight for the Future, CCIA, the Texas Congress and Data Foundry discuss digital privacy issues, including mass surveillance by the NSA, data collection and future of online privacy in the U.S.