Customers located inside any of our facilities are able to seamlessly connect their deployments via their carrier of choice. Customers are able to secure redundant cross-connects via diverse points of presence with 17+ carriers that are built out in our Texas-based facilities. Our wide range of carrier options ensures you can select the best carrier to fit your unique needs.

  • Unlimited number of carrier options
  • Diverse carrier entry
  • Competitive pricing

Blended Bandwidth

We offer blended Internet service that leverages multiple Internet backbone providers to deliver reliable, high-bandwidth commercial Internet options all backed by a fully redundant network. Our blended approach provides customers the reliability, scalability and uptime they require. In addition to at least six of the world’s largest Internet backbones connecting directly to the TexasNAP, we raise the bar on acceptable performance with a 100% network headroom policy. This means we provision additional backbone and intranet work capacity when we reach 50% utilization. We provide multiple bandwidth options including metered, flat-rate and burstable.

Blended Internet Features:

  • Multi-layered redundancy
  • Multiple high-capacity fiber networks
  • Best-in-class equipment
  • 100% network headroom policy

Private Transport

We arrange private point-to-point connections between your data center deployment, offices and the cloud so your data never has to traverse the public Internet.

Satellite Pad Access

Unlike most data centers, Data Foundry offers the unique feature of satellite pad access. Utilize our concrete-reinforced pads, redundant power connections and roof and tower rights to set up a satellite network in proximity to your servers and equipment. Like our data centers, satellites are monitored 24x7x365.

Network Assessment

With an understanding of your network, you can begin to align your IT strategy with your business goals. Data Foundry utilizes 20 years of experience and best practices to provide thorough network assessments that come with detailed network documentation and a presentation of prioritized next steps.

We identify:

Network services network assessment cogs
  • Single points of failure
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Opportunities to simplify
  • Ways to eliminate downtime

Read more about our Network Assessment service.

Network Management

Why have the expense of in-house network engineers when you can contract Data Foundry to monitor and maintain your network around the clock? Our network engineers take ownership of customers’ networks and learn them like the backs of their hands. Our engineers will assess your network and provide recommendations, manage day-to-day operations, manage network security and conduct routine maintenance. They will also optimize your network and proactively identify problems before they arise. Our Network Management service provides you with 24x7x365 monitoring and support.

Learn more about our Network Management service.