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REITs vs Privately-Owned Data Centers


Data center ownership is not usually something companies consider when they are looking for colocation or disaster recovery services. Security, redundancy and construction are often discussed. These are indeed important factors to consider when making a decision, but the type of ownership a data center is under can sometimes determine these important deciding factors and others, such as the quality of managed services offered.

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Data Foundry Co-CEO Awarded for Internet Community Leadership

Data Foundry co-CEO receives i2coalition award

Ron Yokubaitis received the Internet Infrastructure Coalition’s (i2Coalition) first award for Internet Community Leadership at the Smarter Internet Forum in Philadelphia, PA today. Ron has been a leader in the Internet sphere since 1994 when he co-founded in San Antonio, TX. Since then, he and his wife Carolyn have gone on to establish Data Foundry, Giganews(a Usenet provider) and Golden Frog (Internet security solutions). The fight for Internet privacy, open Internet and laying the groundwork for innovation are important priorities for Ron and for Data Foundry. Because of his leadership and activism to drive change in U. S. Internet policy, the i2Coalition has officially named the award the Ron Yokubaitis Internet Community Leadership Award.

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It’s Time to Get Your Servers out of the Closet

server room energy efficiency kwh

Environmentalist organizations often negatively target data centers because of their high energy usage. While it may be true that data center operators have a “responsibility and an opportunity to drive growth with renewable energy,” (Gary Cook, IT analyst at Greenpeace via The Atlantic) environmentalists should actually support data centers due to the fact that co-locating is much more efficient than operating equipment in a server room or IT closet in a corporate office. Furthermore, unlike many corporate offices, data center companies take it upon themselves to operate as efficiently as possible because it is in their best interest financially to do so.

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Colocation Moves: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid

AFCOM colocation move best practices panel

Last Thursday, Houston area data center professionals assembled on the club level of the University of Houston’s TDECU stadium for AFCOM’s Houston chapter meeting to hear a panel of local data center experts discuss The Good, Bad and the Ugly: Best Practices for a Successful Colocation Move. On the panel was Data Foundry’s Houston Network Operations Manager (NOC), Joshua Acevedo, to impart his data center migration expertise.

The key to a successful colocation move is planning ahead. Most of the time, companies compile a comprehensive inventory list to pass on to their colocation provider in advance. However, in our experience, many think they have thoroughly plotted out their move when important tasks have been overlooked. The devil is in the details.

Here are 9 common mistakes to avoid when planning a colocation move:

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How True Dual Power Feeds Prevent Unexpected Downtime

In 2007, a truck crashed into a utility pole at a Rackspace data center in Dallas, causing power outages and downtime for several major websites. In 2010, a squirrel chewed through power lines near Yahoo’s data center in Santa Clara, taking down half the data center. Apparently these “frying squirrel” incidents are somewhat common in the data center industry. Back in February of this year, a car crashed into a utility pole near our Texas 1 data center in Austin, causing a transformer to blow and the loss of one of our power feeds. However, because our facility is fully-redundant with dual power feeds, we experienced no power outage or downtime at Texas 1. Read More

5 Ways to Hurricane-Proof Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Trees in hurricane winds

Atlantic hurricane season is upon us. If hurricanes are a risk factor for your organization, it’s time to review your company’s disaster recovery plan, or DR plan. Strong winds and floods from hurricanes pose threats to business continuity, which is why Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 15-21) is the ideal time to ensure that your disaster recovery plan is up to date. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 until November 30, and twelve named storms are expected to occur during the 2016 season. See our hurricane infographic for more details.

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Fighting for Privacy in a Digital World

Fighting for Privacy in a Digital World

One of the things that sets Data Foundry apart from its competitors is that its founders and stakeholders are fiercely advocating for digital privacy, open internet and data encryption. We also feel that it is our duty to be involved in local, state and federal policy-making when it comes to the privacy issues that affect us and our customers. Over the past couple of weeks, Congressmen Ted Poe and Pete Olson visited and toured our Texas 1 Data Center in Austin to better understand our operations and how security and privacy legislation affects our customers and the data center business in general.

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Data Foundry CTO Defends Encryption at INCOMPAS in D.C.

encrpytion key for law enforcement

Data Foundry CTO, Edward Henigin, participated as a panelist at the INCOMPAS telecommunications conference in Washington D.C. on April 12. The assembled panel of security experts sought to bring the industry’s attention to the anti-encryption debate that has sparked in Washington and around the country due to Apple’s refusal to unlock the iPhone encryption for the San Bernardino case. The recent release of the Burr-Feinstein bill proposing law enforcement be given access to data in an “intelligible” format upon court order also provoked a wave of anger and disbelief throughout the tech community.

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In Spite of Record Flooding, Houston Data Centers Remain Unaffected

Flooded streets

As many are aware, the Houston, TX area has experienced severe flooding in the past 48 hours. Some parts of Harris County received over 16 inches of rain in a 12-hour period. To put it into perspective, the normal rainfall for the Houston area in April is just 3.3 inches. As multiple buildings and homes around the city were flooded in hundreds of neighborhoods throughout Harris County, many are asking us how our Houston data centers are holding up. Our data centers are prepared to withstand this kind of weather and remain unaffected. During and after the storms, we experienced no power outages, flooding or staff evacuations due to the storms and record-breaking precipitation.

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Join us at SXSW 2016

Join Giganews at the Take Back Your Internet Party During SXSW interactive on March 12th.

This year, Take Back Your Internet is all about backdoor encryption. Encryption has been a hot topic around the world, with a fierce debate taking place between the governments wanting backdoors into encrypted communications and the tech companies building this technology into products. Our panel will be addressing backdoor encryption, exploring why encryption is an essential tool, the need for safeguarding security and how this issue is affecting people and the right to privacy around the world. The panel will include leaders from the policy, grassroots and business side, all providing unique perspectives on the issue. Come and enjoy a great panel, Texas BBQ, Drinks and networking.

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