Texas 1 Data Center Construction Update – One Month Away

May 23, 2011 | Data Centers

The exterior of Texas 1 is almost complete! The parking lot has been paved, trees have been planted, and the exterior perimeter fence is going up. You can really start to see the scale of the building! Take a look around the property for yourself…

May 2011 – The 130,000 SF structure is in place and only the details remain!

A warm welcome awaits our clients, partners and visitors as they head toward the building.

Windows of the worksite recovery area, which provides dedicated offices for customers to use in the event of a disaster.

Next on our tour around the Texas 1 data center – the generator bays that house the generators that provide back-up power to the facility.

Three of the cooling towers are already in place!

White floor space is available just inside this 550 foot stretch.

From one end to the other, there is plenty of room to grow!

The end of our tour takes us back to the building entrance. Only a month away before you will be able to walk through the door!