Keeping the Data Center Secure

Jun 8, 2011 | Data Centers

Security is one of the top concerns for data center customers. At Texas 1, we are just about finished installing many of the state-of-the-art security features to help protect your IT equipment and the lifeline to your business. The Texas 1 grounds are outfitted with high fencing and a guard station to prevent unwanted entry onto the premises. Internal security includes mantraps, biometrics, locked cages and cabinets and video monitoring solutions. Data Foundry takes pride in providing top-of-the-line security features for its customers.

High and sturdy fences encompass part of the perimeter and ensure no one enters the property without first passing through the security station.

The barbed wire fence protects other sections of the outer perimeter.

Surrounding the entire facility, the first layers of security begin before you can even enter the property.

All visitors must pass through the guard station before entering the grounds.

The security booth provides an additional checkpoint for everyone entering into the facility. No one can enter the data center without first showing ID to the security guards.

A number of cabinets have already arrived!

Each cage and cabinet is outfitted with a unique key needed for access, providing additional protection for your equipment.