Walls Go Up at Texas 1 Data Center

Oct 21, 2010 | Data Centers

The sunny Texas weather is faring well at Texas 1! This week, crews made quite a bit of progress as they raised the walls at Texas 1. 8 of the 900 or so precast reinforced concrete wall panels are now up at the Texas 1 facility. The concrete columns will support the roof, and the walls will act as the skin holding the facility together. In essence, the work done this week acts as the “skeletal system” of the Texas 1 building. It’s starting to get easier and easier to visualize exactly how massive this premium data center will be…

The data center is starting to take shape with precast reinforced concrete wall panels

Another layer of protection built into the site – One of many demarcation points which prevent water backflow

Our generator room is reinforced with concrete-filled walls for added protection and safety

Heavy lifting – our 390,000 lb crane with 180 ft boom can hold up to 175 tons

Our Next-generation Network Operations Center is feature-filled including stadium seating and 24x7x365 staffing

Inside the precast walls designed for protection against up to 160 mph winds