Concrete + Concrete + Concrete = Progress

Oct 27, 2010 | Data Centers

We promised you progress and that is what we are seeing in our next phase of building and construction. In the pictures below, you will see crews carefully building the overall data center structure with rebar forms, also known as reinforcing bars, that will ‘reinforce’ or support the concrete walls throughout the facility. From the generator room, which will have concrete-filled masonry walls for added fire protection, to the Caissons which are the concrete support columns – reinforced concrete is the name of the game right now. With thousands of tons of concrete to be used in its construction, Texas 1 will be one of the most secure and solid data centers around – built to last and provide the utmost in protection.

Precast concrete sections are beginning to take shape

Concrete reinforced wall panel being lowered into place

Workers preparing rebar forms in Generator room so they can pour the concrete

Drilling a hole for a new Caisson, concrete support column

Insider’s view

Industrial-strength augers for drilling caissons

Pouring the concrete for the caissons