The Final Stages

Texas 1 data center is undergoing the final steps of commissioning!

In the commissioning process, we are doing our final operational testing. The systems within the building are tested and verified, including quality assurance for the electrical, cooling, water, lighting, plumbing, security and other systems throughout the facility.

This caps a multi-month process of testing and verifying each individual component followed by a comprehensive set of Integrated Systems Tests. Power interruptions, planned maintenances and equipment failures are all simulated to ensure that everything will run smoothly no matter what. Data Foundry staff have also been in the building getting hands-on expert training to prepare for any situation or need a customer may have.

DSC 0011 Flag poles are up and the landscaping is in.
DSC 0155 DSC 0026 DSC 0006 A front loading dock makes it easy for deliveries to be checked in and monitored by security personnel.
DSC 0018 Biometric scanners and man traps help to protect the facility and your IT infrastructure beyond just the security booth.
DSC 0055 Worksite recovery space is available for customers to purchase dedicated offices and office space.
DSC 0071 Customers can bring laptops and connect to these workstations along “Main Street” to log in directly to
their servers in our facility.
IMG 1002 The Network Operations Center (NOC) is where all the systems will be monitored.
DSC 0109 Texas 1 uses FM-200, a top-of-the-line fire suppression system that leaves no residue as part of the best
fire protection possible.
DSC 0078 As you can see, we are ready to open! Can you imagine your IT deployment set up right here in this safe, clean,
state-of-the art facility? We’ve done all the hard work providing you unmatched flexibility and convenience,
you get to enjoy our Class A server hospitality.
DSC 0173