Texas 1 Data Center - Customized Space

Texas 1 is designed to accommodate any sized colocation configuration – from just a few cabinets to larger spaces for wholesale deployments.

Below are some pictures of a section of the data center dedicated to large custom configurations. Clients can choose caged space or dedicated private suites, depending on their unique requirements. Texas 1’s data-caged area offers secure, cordoned-off space accessible only by the client and customized to meet specific requirements. Dedicated private data suites offer premium wholesale options with complete privacy from 2,500 SF. All options can be optimized to ensure the most efficient configuration.

2011 01 06 011
Demising walls separating customer colocation areas which include dedicated private suites and secure caged areas.
2011 01 06 067
Internal view of the dedicated colocation expansion area.
2011 01 06 004
An extra layer of protection – these concrete-filled walls act as added protection for each generator by isolating any potential threats to a single generator room.
2011 01 06 050
Framing the Mechanical Room – leads out to the main corridor that runs between the main data center floor and internal functional areas.
2011 01 06 083
Front view of Texas 1
DSC 0173 Underfloor cable trays and removeable floor panels help to meet any data center need.