Breaking Design Barriers

Dec 16, 2010 | Data Centers

Fifty-ton Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) units will provide enough cooling to support full data center operations at Texas 1. Engineered for round-the-clock operation, energy efficient CRAH units coupled with raised floors throughout the facility will distribute chilled air to data center aisles and racks. With energy efficient measures embedded into the design at every level, Texas 1 is truly breaking all barriers in the typical data center design.

By choosing the very best equipment and vendors in planning Texas 1, Data Foundry has ensured that this premium facility’s infrastructure is energy efficient with maximum uptime and performance.

Five foot deep trench for the chilled water pipes that will feed the Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) units

Another view of the wood forms used in building the trench for the chilled water pipes.

Wide-angle view of the front of Texas 1.

CRAH units are now in place, sitting above the chilled water pipes that were placed in the above trenches.

Remote Power Panels (RPPs) will aid in distributing power to each rack.

The black units are Power Distribution Units (PDUs), which work in conjunction with RPPs.