Getting It Right

Over the past two weeks in Data Center Dynamics, we have been featured in an article series titled ‘How to Select a Chiller,’ offering step-by-step instructions for selecting the most energy efficient chiller for your data center. Data Foundry has put this same carefully calculated methodology into practice with the planning and engineering of our Texas 1 data center. As the mechanical plant can account for one of the largest areas of non-IT energy consumption, it is important to get it right – saving on time, resources, and energy throughout the life of the facility. To download the How to Select a Chiller series, please click here.

Critical to the mechanical plant, the pictures below show the electrical and chilled water conduits that are planned far in advance to ensure the most optimal configuration in Texas 1’s next-generation design.

2010 12 03 203
Setting the stage for the chilled water pipes which will support the data rooms.
2010 12 03 274
The cable vaults on the left will sit underneath electrical service equipment, allowing for efficient routing of the gray electrical cable conduits carrying electricity throughout the data center.
2010 12 03 325b
Another view showing the complexity of our advanced planning coming to life.
2010 12 10 048 Underground conduit, mainly for power.
DSC 0237 Just a few months later and the Mechanical Plant is almost finished!