UPS Rooms

Nov 30, 2010 | Data Centers

The Thanksgiving holiday gave all of our Texas 1 construction crew members a nice break from all of their hard work. This week, though, we are back to work! Continuing with the exciting momentum to close 2010, the stage is being set to make 2011 a remarkable year for Data Foundry.

Today, we’d like to bring special focus to Texas 1’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, which are integral in providing emergency power should an input power source fail. A UPS is different from typical emergency power systems and standby generators in that it provides instantaneous protection from input power interruptions.

As a chief component to the overall data center operation, a UPS system offers viable protection when an unexpected power disruption occurs, often putting people at risk for data loss, serious business disruption, or worse.

Texas 1’s UPS rooms are built complete with conduits, a maze of pathways distinctly organized to keep the data center running efficiently and safely and to feed the distribution panels for UPS protected power in the POD Galleries. The role of UPS systems has grown substantially over the years, making them as important as ever for smooth data center operations.

Conduits in the Generator rooms will connect back to the Unit Substations in each UPS Room for emergency power generation to the data center.

Check out our progress! This steel structure will house the administration area for Data Foundry, as well as worksite recovery for our clients.

Aerial view of the Network Operations Center.

UPS output switchgear.

Low voltage lines running into more switchgear.