Texas 2 Comes Online; First Customers Move In

Mar 13, 2018 | Data Centers, News

We are excited to announce our newest data center in Austin, Texas 2, has successfully passed the final stage of the commissioning process and is now open for business.

Texas 2 was built adjacent to Texas 1 on Data Foundry’s 40-acre campus called the Data Ranch, a property with dual substations and diverse power feeds. Together, the two data centers will total 455,000 square feet with 60 megawatts of power capacity to meet IT security and uptime needs of a business community that continues to flourish.

“Texas 2 opens in time to meet a growing demand for premier colocation with cloud connectivity in the Austin area. Texas 1 is at high capacity, and Texas 2’s first tenants have already started moving in,” says Mark Noonan, Chief Revenue Officer.

Concurrently maintainable, any components of Texas 2’s mechanical infrastructure can be isolated and replaced without impact to systems. “Companies chose Texas 1 for its security, reliability and our attention to detail when it comes to design and construction. They can expect no less from Texas 2,” says Cameron Wynne, Chief Operating Officer. The facility is equipped with back-up generators and 40,000 gallons of underground fuel storage, and is designed to keep businesses online 24x7x365. The staff is thoroughly trained to keep systems running in a variety of scenarios, just as Data Foundry’s Houston staff did throughout Hurricane Harvey.

Austin remains a desirable location for IT disaster recovery, as it is in a region with a low incidence of natural disasters and a power grid that is independent from the rest of the country. The facility’s ample office space also makes it an ideal location for secondary worksites and disaster recovery offices.

President Shane Menking says, “Texas 2 is not only a site to keep mission critical IT going, it keeps people going as well. Tenants will find dedicated office space, conference rooms and amenities that comfortably accommodate employees in situations that require them to stay on site for several days.”

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