Compare 100+ Data Center Features with Our Interactive Checklist

Mar 21, 2018 | Colocation, Data Centers

Every data center search should begin with identifying business goals and the long-term infrastructure requirements to help accomplish those goals. Once you’ve determined your top IT infrastructure goals, whether that means improving availability, connectivity, adding disaster recovery options, decreasing capital expenses, or a combination of the above, it’s up to you to look for a data center that meets business needs. To really understand if a facility can meet those needs, you will need to gather detailed information on the power structure, cooling equipment, utility infrastructure, security and more of your top facilities.

Once you start touring, it can be difficult to keep up with all the specifications provided at each facility. Use our checklist to compare up to six data centers from six different providers. The checklist includes over 100 specifications in several categories, including power, backup power, cooling, network and connectivity, compliance, scalability, security, building structure, services and support, efficiency and location.

This checklist is interactive and also functions as a score sheet. It automatically tallies check marks in each category. This allows you to compare scores in each category, focusing on what’s more important to your company, and also to compare overall scores. No section or specification is weighted more heavily than others. Each item on the list is equal to one point.

Download our free Data Center Comparison Checklist now. Start checking off what you know about each facility and bring it with you on all your tours.

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