Cloud Services Are Integral to Modern IT Strategy

Sep 14, 2016 | Managed Services, News

An article posted on Data Center Knowledge back in May states, “It’s clear that the cloud should be part of your IT strategy, even if your team has yet to determine how to leverage it.” Data Foundry recognizes the advantages cloud services offer, and as a result, we have added Cloud Services to our service offering.

Colocation & the Cloud Work Hand in Hand

Cloud services offer agility, reduced capital expenditure and scalability, which is why so many companies decide to use them. However, concerns over using the cloud include security and latency. Obtaining access to these services through a colocation provider can help eliminate these concerns.

Contrary to popular belief, colocation and the cloud are complementary. As Gartner’s Bob Gill aptly put it, “The cloud and colocation are natural allies.” Colocation data centers provide a unique interconnected environment where colocation customers can obtain fast and private connections to cloud services and cloud storage.

Secure and Private Cloud Connectivity

Lez Vekiarides, CTO of ClearSkyData states in his Data Center Knowledge article, “The economics of connectivity simply work best in an environment filled with choices.” As a carrier-neutral colocation provider with data centers in areas of dense fiber connectivity, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we now provide our customers with the opportunity to connect securely and privately to the cloud using our CloudTap™ service. We can connect our customers’ deployments, and corporate offices if they wish to do so, to popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and CenturyLink via private fiber transport.

Local and Secure Cloud Storage

In most cases cloud storage services involve remote resources. This can cause problems such as latency and security vulnerabilities. Data Foundry takes remoteness out of the equation with our Dedicated Cloud Storage service, an enterprise storage-as-a-service solution. Our dedicated cloud storage arrays are located within our Texas 1 data center, making it easy for our customers to take advantage of cloud storage via cross-connects without dealing with latency and security issues sometimes involved with using a cloud storage provider. With Dedicated Cloud Storage customers can also choose between SATA, SSD or SAS storage, or a combination of these. This provides a great deal of flexibility in obtaining storage resources that customers wouldn’t have otherwise.

Learn more about Data Foundry’s Cloud Services.