Enterprise Storage as a Service

Our Dedicated Cloud Storage is an enterprise storage-as-a-service solution with high availability features. It is a private storage solution that exists on virtual storage arrays and consists of dedicated cores and disks. It is also a cost-effective and purely OpEx service that allows companies to pay for the storage they need in smaller increments. Forget about costly annual maintenance and hardware refreshes that can cost up to $300K. We rapidly provision Dedicated Cloud Storage using a cross-connect. It is then production-ready with high performance and reliability.

Never Migrate Arrays Again

Replacing traditional storage is a time-consuming process:

  • Negotiate and purchase an array
  • Migrate data onto the array
  • Manage and upgrade the array for 3-5 years
  • Rip-and-replace the old array and start the cycle over

The distributed nature and remote management of our Dedicated Cloud Storage eliminates this cycle by enabling an entirely new approach to replacing old hardware. Data Foundry will automatically — and for the life of your storage cloud — replace hardware without any application impact.

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What Does Our Cloud Storage Look Like?

Workloads in each storage array are completely isolated from each other. What happens on one array cannot impact the performance of another. There are also no "noisy neighbors" monopolizing bandwidth. Customers have the option of using SSD, SATA or SAS storage.

Power Grid Map

Why Use Data Foundry's Dedicated Cloud Storage?

Secure - private data transport, user-owned encryption keys

Private - no shared resources, no "noisy neighbors"

Easy to use - sign up for an account, we'll set up the rest

Local – storage arrays located at our Texas 1 data center

Scalable – change storage capacity and performance at will with no downtime

Cost-Effective - no equipment purchase, no maintenance

Convenient - Eliminate disruptive updates, hot-fixes and upgrades

Flexible - use a combination of SSD, SATA or SAS drives

Security and Data Protection

Our first layer of security is workload isolation; drives are mapped to a single array at a time and if an array ever vacates a drive it is scrubbed before being made available again. The drives in each storage array are encrypted with their own customer-managed key. The password to the key is never stored durably and is never shared outside the array. Data back-up tools include:

  • Snapshots/clones
  • Mirroring
  • Online volume migration
Image of colocation data center security booth

Disaster Recovery Backup

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