Building Robust Networks: Expanding Capability for Remote Work and More

Apr 12, 2020 | Data Centers, Insights

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses have shifted to remote work models or implemented new virtual capabilities to maintain operations. With these measures, however, has come a steep growth in the demand on networks. Recent reports have discovered that in the midst of this shift, business-hour broadband consumption has gone up more than 41 percent just one week after the Centers for Disease Control declared the coronavirus a pandemic.

As online capabilities become a cornerstone of enterprise operations, the capacity and speed of network infrastructures need to be able to withstand these changes. Adapting the network by expanding internet service and adding bandwidth is critical but navigating those processes while managing today’s many competing demands can make the transition more difficult.

To ease this process, we’ve put together some information that will help companies expand their network capabilities while keeping their attention on the health, safety and success of their teams and communities.

Your Allies For Network Optimization

Network assessments from a trusted expert are a good place to start in times when businesses need to build out their network capabilities. By better understanding the goals and existing networks, businesses can better guide IT strategies to be aligned with those objectives. This means identifying points of failure and vulnerabilities, understanding bandwidth demands, finding ways to simplify and safeguarding against downtime.

Once the network infrastructure is in place, maintaining the network and being able to remain agile are key for catering to unexpected circumstances. One helpful option here is to outsource network monitoring and management to the provider instead of relying on in-house teams. Network management resources from trusted partners mean that engineers are assessing the network and providing suggestions for improvement, taking care of day-to-day operations, conducting maintenance and ensuring thorough security. This option also means that more proactive work can be taken to identify challenges before they occur and more quickly identify optimization methods to future-proof the network.

One service that is extremely valuable during times like these is a remote hands option. Remote hands services offer a team of technicians and engineers that handle network maintenance and management tasks on behalf of the enterprise. This offers the advantage of year-round, day and night peace of mind in the event of an emergency, keeping businesses in touch with their infrastructure and data and ensuring adjustments can be made if needed.

In a pandemic landscape, remote hands service also offers the benefit of fewer on-site visits for internal IT teams, allowing them to stay out of harm’s way while maintaining the same levels of insight.

The most important part of any strategy is the network and data center partner that provides them. These assessments, remote hands options and management services are only as successful as the teams that perform them, so investigating options and choosing an experienced team is vital for ensuring enterprises can meet dynamic needs.

Perfecting a Fortified Network

Data Foundry expertly delivers these services to keep networks agile, backing them with a team of seasoned experts that offer decades of experience. We manage a global network in 40 countries with a full range of customizable services that ensure any and all complex needs can be met seamlessly.

Our services remain carrier-neutral (offering secure, redundant cross-connects via diverse points of presence to the businesses’ carrier of choice) and leverage multiple internet backbone providers. This delivers reliable, high-bandwidth commercial internet that is supported by a fully redundant network, offering reliability, scalability and uptime. What’s more, a 100 percent network headroom policy and 100 percent uptime promise mean that network performance never has to be a concern.

In the face of COVID-19’s network impacts, Data Foundry understands that needs have changed. This is why we remain dedicated to helping businesses adjust and remain fully empowered in their new virtual environments. We have made network enhancements that allow customers to quickly expand internet service and add additional bandwidth to meet remote work requirements. We also continue to offer our 24x7x365 remote hands services alongside dedicated office spaces that are immediately available for enterprises should the need arise.