Mechanical Plant

Nov 9, 2010 | Data Centers

The Mechanical Plant is the infrastructure used to support and maintain a data center facility, including the heating, cooling and electrical hubs on which the data center runs. Texas 1 has carefully architected and engineered its Mechanical Plant to be reinforced, secure, and fully redundant at all levels to ensure operations are always up and running.

View a panorama of some of the construction work.

The pictures below show just what is involved with building the support structure for some of the Mechanical Plant components, such as the power for the facility. Texas 1 will have six generators providing over 12 megawatts of available power, along with independent, redundant dual power feeds.

Roof section of the Mechanical Plant – when complete will be almost 8 inches thick of concrete – reinforced to withstand tornado-speed winds

Each of the six 2.5 megawatt generators in the Mechanical Plant have their own massive concrete support structure – individually built for added protection

North side of the Data Hall, a raised floor area for clients to install and configure their equipment

Laying concrete throughout the electrical and telecom duct banks residing in the mechanical plant

The condenser loop being hung in the mechanical plant.

Insulated chiller water pipes and a chilled water pump.