Do You Feel a Chill in the Air?

Texas 1 uses a chilled water cooling system, which consumes significantly less electricity than conventional air-cooled systems. Inside the facility, chillers draw heat out of the chilled water system and move it to the condenser water system. The condenser water then moves into the cooling towers, where heat will be released into the atmosphere mostly through evaporation. Located within the cooling towers are highly-efficient variable-speed fans to help with the process.

Texas 1’s cooling towers are paralleled in a way that provides seamless resiliency across the entire cooling plant. This scalable system can support power densities up to 50 kW per cabinet.


The reinforced concrete walls provide a powerful base for six cooling towers.

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Large variable speed fans control the temperature of the water and push the hot air out of the chamber.

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Six cooling towers will hold a total of 130,000 gallons to efficiently cool the facility.

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Foundational preparation for the cooling towers

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The cooling towers have been connected to the mechanical plant.