Another Step Ahead: Flooring Is In!

Mar 14, 2011 | Data Centers

The recent completion of our raised flooring brings us even closer the Texas 1 opening!

Texas 1’s raised floor consists of Tate ConCore 2500 tiles. These are concrete-filled tiles that can withstand a single-point load of 2,500 pounds on a one square inch area at any location on the panel, with a minimum safety factor of 2. This means that each tile can really support up to 5,000 pounds on any single square inch. The corners of every floor tile rest on pedestals and, for higher quality, stringers to support the edges of the floor tiles. This provides the highest load rating, along with extra stiffness to keep the floor tiles straight and aligned and level with each other.

The raised floor tiles, installed three feet above the foundational concrete slab, create a large void sufficient for even air distribution throughout the facility and create a safe and secure place to run power and data cabling. With this space, we can distribute cold air exactly where our customers need it with perforated floor tiles. This raised-floor cold air distribution system, combined with our experienced and disciplined hot air segregation, result in an extremely efficient, reliable, and flexible data center.

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Concrete floors waiting patiently for the new tiles.

White floor 5

Texas 1 has installed what is known as “Stringered Raised Floors,” a type of raised floor that consists of a vertical array of steel pedestal assemblies, as seen in photo above.

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Clean, bright, and white – the data center is looking sharp and almost ready for business!