Why We Offer Network Assessment

Oct 3, 2016 | Managed Services

Companies often lack essential network documentation, and they don’t know where to begin with designing and optimizing their networks to align with business goals. That’s why our network engineers provided network assessments to colocation customers that expressed a need for it. Because of the improvements our network engineering team made for these first customers, the team saw the value in the contribution they could make to our customers’ IT strategies and achievement of business goals overall. As a result, we have launched network assessment as one of our official services. This is a service we offer to colocation customers and non-customers alike. Our network assessment service and network documentation provide a real transfer of knowledge through a consultative approach.

Start with Business Goals

Our team begins every assessment by discussing business goals with stakeholders. It’s important to consider how a company is expanding and planning to expand – geographically and operationally – before beginning assessment and inventory. How many more customers does the company plan to serve in the following years? Will the company offer additional services? How many more people does the company plan to employ? What should your network look like to accomplish these goals?

Other issues to consider include the current costs of running your network. How much are you losing by not optimizing your network? How much could you potentially lose in the future if your network is insecure and inefficient? What is the ROI for optimizing your network?

Our engineers will help you analyze these issues and identify inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, single points of failure and opportunities for simplification. They also evaluate network scalability.

Don’t Delay Assessment and Optimization of Your Network

Companies that come to us for network assessments are normally experiencing issues with their networks, or they have recently acquired another company whose network they’re unfamiliar with. We recommend that companies don’t wait until network problems arise to do a proper assessment. If you’re lacking insight into your network’s setup and performance, Data Foundry’s network engineering team will provide you with a consultation, network diagrams, network inventory and an in-depth presentation prioritizing risks and next steps for designing and optimizing your network to meet business goals.

See our network assessment page and download the service brochure to learn more.