Whataburger Chooses Data Foundry’s Enterprise Data Center as Primary Server Site

Jun 4, 2007

Austin, TX – Data Foundry, Inc. announced today that they have been awarded a data center services contract by Whataburger Restaurants, LP, a Texas-born food chain with nearly 700 restaurants throughout 10 US states. Whataburger is housing its primary server infrastructure within a custom built cage in one of Data Foundry’s enterprise data centers.

Data Foundry will provide a secure data center facility in which to house Whataburger’s entire mission critical server infrastructure so that its operations will be maintained in the event of a local disaster, such as a hurricane. Whataburger will continue to utilize its Corpus Christi location as a contingency site.

“Throughout the past couple of years we’ve seen more and more companies adopting robust disaster recovery plans which place their secondary site well away from their primary site. Whataburger’s choice to take their contingency plan a step further and move their primary sever infrastructure away from their coastal headquarters is reflective of this trend towards creating the safest, most logical disaster recovery plans possible. Data Foundry’s Austin Data Center is a natural choice for companies seeking a top facility which is isolated from many of the inherent risks found in coastal and panhandle locations,” said Mark Noonan, VP of Sales for Data Foundry.

Data Foundry’s Austin data center is easily accessible to other cities in the Gulf region and is centered in a climatically quiet part of the state. Further, Data Foundry’s data center is an enterprise level facility which features multi-layered security, redundant HVAC and UPS units, and a 24/7/365 network operations center manned by Data Foundry’s highly trained engineering and support staff.

About Whataburger

Family-owned Whataburger has focused on its fresh, made-to-order burgers since 1950, when company founder Harmon Dobson opened his first Whataburger restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas. The small, wooden kiosk sold the enormous burgers for 25 cents each, and before the first week was out, lines stretched down the street. Today, there are nearly 700 locations in 10 states with sales approaching $1 billion annually.