What is Cybersecurity?

Sep 22, 2020 | Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become one of the most important factors in the modern internet-of-things. While cybersecurity is constantly changing (and is a relatively new development in some ways), its basic foundations are as old as business itself. Time lost is money lost. That said, there are plenty of reasons that you’re going to want your enterprise’s cybersecurity to be top-tier and ready for any potential threat.

Your clients need to know that sensitive items like customer information and eCommerce data will be well protected and taken care of.

Why being mindful of new tech implementation helps cybersecurity

It seems many tech companies are always a step ahead — that’s because they are. Many companies deploy new technologies as they become available. That can actually impact your cybersecurity in the long run. A 2017 survey found that 63% of respondents said their organizations “we’re deploying one or more nascent technologies ahead of their ability to properly secure them.” That means that using loT(internet-of-things), blockchain, or even cloud tech without knowing how to best protect them may not be a safe route. Ensuring that your data center cybersecurity is caught up with your technologies is a great way to prepare your enterprise for any problem before it starts.

In short, it’s better to solve a potential problem before it becomes a real one than have to deal with the fallout of using tech that wasn’t secure and ready.

Hijacking your organization’s processing power could be the next big thing for hackers

While cryptocurrency has evolved, it’s also led to a new trend, hijacking processing power to mine crypto. Perhaps the most recent example is when miners hijacked multiple computers on a Starbuck’s network to use them for crypto mining.

While this is a new type and specific type of attack, it is one of the many types of attacks that hackers use to target enterprises’ sensitive data.

Some of the more common and known attacks include malware (the most common), phishing, SQL injection attacks, DDoS, and more. It is critical for organizations to stay secure in more ways than one.

Machine learning is a growing threat to cybersecurity

AI and machine learning have recently been in the news with emerging tech. When used correctly, they could lead to all sorts of advancements in science and technology. We aren’t necessarily talking about robots becoming sentient. Recently self-learning attacks like hivenets and swarmbots have become more popular. These attacks are dangerous to any enterprise because they are able to happen without a central command control instruction, which is usually required for a botnet attack.

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