What is a Data Center Virtual Tour?

Nov 20, 2020 | Colocation, Data Centers

If there’s a lesson to be learned from 2020, it’s the importance of being able to do key tasks from the comfort of your own home at any given time. It’s not just about convenience, it’s about safety. COVID-19 has shown that enterprises need to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s the only way to keep your employees, customers, and most importantly their families safe. So how can you keep business as usual and also safe? A data center virtual tour. We’ll explain.

Data centers represent a great way for organizations moving forward to allow for remote work to run reliably and securely. They provide enterprises with a hardware structure so their business so they can easily utilize hybrid IT technologies that keep their customers happy, communication, commerce, and streaming going 24x7x365.

So that’s a lot of talk, but how can you figure out the best colocation provider to help with your deployment needs? How are you supposed to know how good a colocation provider is if you can’t go visit in person due to the pandemic? We have a solution that meets your safety need. Our Texas 2 data center is now available for a data center virtual tour. Our expert team will safely guide you through your data center virtual tour experience from the comfort of your own remote work environment.

Data center virtual tours are the best way to experience a data center remotely.

Something that we’ve been excited about is the development of the data center virtual tour. Utilizing cutting-edge tech and a wide variety of operations expertise, we’re now able to create an experience just as useful as visiting a data center in person. How?

Because we’re now able to give you a high definition, completely immersive data center tour to best show how our data center does operations. From our eight layers of security to where our customer deployments are stored, we’re able to give you a transparent view of everything you’ll need to find what your business requires from a colocation provider.

When you do a data center virtual tour at our Texas Data Centers, you’re the boss. And we mean it.

We customize our data center virtual tours to be the immersive experience that answers any questions you may have about your colocation deployment. These are interactive tours, where you’ll meet a team of our experts and see what you need to see. Are you more interested in our security? We’ve got someone who cannot just show you the numbers, but someone who will show you the exact ways this will keep your data secure — both physically and virtually.

Do you want to know more about the power requirements or redundancy needed to keep your deployment running at all times? Our team of experts can walk you through exactly how your servers will be powered and show you what you need to know. We pride ourselves on having designed an experience that will give you the exact feeling of walking through our facility — all while keeping you safe in the comfort of your own home or business.

Ready to see the difference? Schedule a data center virtual tour at one of our Texas Data Centers today.

Our data center virtual tours are hosted and guided by our dedicated team of sales engineers to ensure that you get a full run-through for your deployment and power requirements. We understand the importance of virtual tours, in 2020 and beyond. More and more businesses will be moving online to do their work — that means that virtual tours are here to stay. See what the best has to offer.

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