Two New Customers Sign on for Texas.Net’s Disaster Recovery Services

Jan 27, 2004

AUSTIN, Texas — January 27, 2004 — Texas.Net™ today announced that it will provide disaster recovery services to direct marketing firm and Houston’s EC Outlook, a value-chain automation supplier to Global 1000 companies around the world. The two new customers chose Texas.Net based on its comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities, long-standing reputation for reliability and steadfast customer support. and EC Outlook are just two of a growing number of companies that are developing robust disaster recovery plans. Recent changes in financial reporting regulations, legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, and insurance mandates are driving many companies to reevaluate such plans. When properly implemented, disaster recovery plans can help minimize lost time, money and productivity following any number of business disruptions – from the rare natural disaster to more common power outages.

EC Outlook has chosen Texas.Net for warm-site disaster recovery services, providing a cost-effective method of ensuring business continuity. Warm-site services assure a continuous network connection and synchronization of data across EC Outlook’s primary data center and its backup facilities at one of Texas.Net’s Disaster Recovery Campuses.

“We support mission critical and time critical operations between Fortune-500 companies and thousands of their trading partners and we simply can’t afford to run the risk of downtime,” said Tilak Mandadi, COO for ECOutlook. “To support our disaster recovery plan, we found Texas.Net to have the best possible combination of disaster recovery capabilities: tier-one facilities, a rock-solid disaster recovery network, extensive business continuity knowledge, and an outstanding track record of reliability and stability.” is supporting its disaster recovery plan by housing its online direct mail and graphics services (including its Web site, database and application servers) at Texas.Net’s Internet data center. The mirrored hot site configuration will provide a real-time duplication of’s mission-critical data and operations. In addition, the company is relying on Texas.Net for Managed Load Balancing across the sites, dramatically boosting the performance and availability of’s Web site.

“Our online direct mail marketing service must be up and running 24/7 – there’s no room for lost time due to power outages, software failure or any other business disruption,” said Freddie Baird, Executive Vice President for Quantum “Texas.Net has first-class network and data center facilities, and therefore the company represents one of the most important elements in our disaster recovery plan.”

Texas.Net’s disaster recovery offerings cover a broad range of services – from simple tape back-up of data to complex business continuity solutions, including worksite recovery. Recently added services include the company’s new Disaster Recovery Campus concept, which allows customers to benefit from the company’s data center and networking capabilities in a campus environment.

Texas.Net runs two disaster recovery campuses, both of which represent safe, off-site locations where customers can colocate mission-critical data and hardware. Each campus offers an Internet data center with worksite recovery stations, a world-class network and full living accommodations for a customer’s employees who are responsible for maintaining business operations during an emergency.

About EC Outlook

EC Outlook is a leader in helping customers optimize their purchasing and sales processes for chemicals, plastics, and related products through a unique combination of market information, industry expertise, e-commerce solutions, and an active network of trading partners. More than 9,000 Member companies in multiple industries around the world can use EC Outlook’s highly efficient tools and services to streamline transactions and lower costs. Visit www.EC for more information.

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