Texas 1 Is Powered Up!

May 6, 2011 | Data Centers

With Texas 1 opening in just a few weeks, we are excited to report that the power systems and controls supporting the facility have been fully installed!

Texas 1 has fully redundant power from two separate substations. Our dual-feed power is carried all the way to the UPSs, meaning that each individual UPS lineup within the building can run on power from either substation.

This premium configuration has no single point of failure. We can distribute our active UPS connections independently across our dual utility feeds, spreading out the load and reducing the possibility of the entire facility being affected by a problem with one utility feed. If there is a utility issue on one feed, we can easily transfer the affected load over to the other feed.

Having dual utility feeds to each UPS lineup also provides more flexibility and control for maintenance. This not only means that we can continually work to prevent failures, but provides more safe options to our staff during any unusual events. Data Foundry’s highly trained engineers are on site 24x7x365 to assure a quick, reliable response to any unexpected incident.

Both the Carson Creek and Met Center substations will provide power to Texas 1.

Utility metering and handoff at the curb for our Carson Creek feed.

Supporting the cooling for all of Texas 1, each Motor Control Center (MCC) will power its own corresponding chilled water pump, chiller, condenser water pump, and cooling tower.

Electricians installing the Main Control Processor, the brains behind the mechanical plant.