Data Foundry Launches Technology Policy Microsite

Feb 14, 2017 | Policy

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new microsite, Data Foundry’s Advocacy Hub. As a company, we’ve been involved in technology-related policy and legislation since our establishment. Because we started as one of the first 50 ISPs back in 1994, protecting the open Internet and online privacy is near and dear to us. Over the years, we’ve participated in conferences, panels and other events to show our support of an open Internet and online privacy. Our CEOs and executive team have received recognition and awards for their support. Our microsite is the ideal place to provide updates on our policy and advocacy efforts as well as encourage engagement on technology issues at the state level.

Calling the Tech Industry into Action

Like many in the tech industry who have background knowledge of IT and networking, we recognize the need for legislation and policies that protect privacy and innovation at the state and federal levels.

Policy and legislation implemented now set the stage for the future of technology and how it is used. We hope that our Advocacy Hub will serve as a means to educate and promote engagement in technology issues and influence policy-making in the direction of privacy protection, consumer choice and open and equal use of the Internet.

We believe technology experts can and should play an educational role in the development of legislation that protects privacy as it relates to the use of technology. One way we attempt to play this role is through the use of our Texas Policy Scorecards featured on our Advocacy Hub.

Texas Technology Policy Scorecards

We have found that many people are also interested in learning more about technology legislation, but they don’t have the time it takes to do it. We decided to share our insight into the potential legislation and the effects it could have in the real world through the use of scorecards on our website. Our scorecards provide a much needed way for people to understand what’s going on in technology legislature without perusing tedious lines of bill text.

Texas Policy Scorecards rate state policy and legislation based on how well it protects privacy, the open Internet and open markets. These scorecards are an easy-to-use, reliable resource for reporters, legislators, privacy advocates and anyone interested in technology policy in general. In addition to rating and summarizing bills and policies, we will also invite NGOs and other industry experts to provide their commentary on each scorecard. The scorecards provide important background information on each issue and updates as legislation unfolds.

Moving Texas Technology Forward

With our Advocacy Hub, Texas Policy Scorecards and our initiative to form a Technology Committee in the state legislature, we hope to keep Texas moving forward as a leading state in the nation’s technology sector and as a leader in data privacy rights.

Go to Data Foundry’s Advocacy Hub.