DDoS Mitigation

Fully-Managed DDoS Protection

Data Foundry’s DDoS Attack Mitigation Service is a sophisticated, network-based cyber attack mitigation solution. It is a fully-managed service and a hybrid solution that harnesses on-premises detection and mitigation technologies in addition to cloud-based volumetric attack-scrubbing measures.

What Makes Our DDos Protection Different?

  • Inline, always-on protection

  • Traffic locally scrubbed with no added latency

  • Behavioral-based protection and profile optimization

  • Cloud-based scrubbing for large volumetric attacks of unlimited size

  • On-premises monitoring 24x7x365

  • Scalable with no downtime

  • Secure and customizable web portal

  • No additional vendor contacts or invoices

multi-layer DDoS protection

How it Works

Our DDoS mitigation service can be initiated with zero changes to your network and no labor on your part. Our solution provides instantaneous coverage, accurate detection and shortest time to protection. Zero-day attacks can be learned and mitigated in less than 18 seconds. Our multi-layered approach combines detection and mitigation tools to identify and combat network layer and application-based attacks as well as malware propagation and intrusion activities.

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          Cost of DDos Attacks Over Time

          Source: Arbor Networks, 2015

          Our DDos Service Protects Against

          • Network and application downtime

          • Application vulnerability exploitation

          • Network malware propagation

          • Information theft

          • Emerging network attacks

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