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    Custom Cabinets, Cages, Security & More

    When a company chooses a new colocation facility, they may provide use their own infrastructure, buy it or lease it. We offer a consultative approach when it comes to infrastructure, and we provide the option of leasing or owning equipment. We sell and lease racks, cages, PDUs and VEDs (Vertical Exhaust Ducts or chimneys). We also install custom physical security according to each company's security standards.

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    High Density Power & Cooling

    Our Austin colocation facilities are purpose-built and can accommodate HPC (high performance computing) environments. We provide up to 22 kW of cooling to individual racks in conventional deployments, and we also provide water-cooled racks that can accommodate over 50 kW each. Our data centers provide concurrently maintainable power and cooling.

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    Premier Data Center Services

    Many of our staff members have been with us since the 1990s and have over a decade of experience. We hire our own security, technicians, electricians and network engineers. We do not provide services through third-party contractors. This dedication to having our own team allows us to deliver high-touch network, infrastructure, security and other managed services as well as fully managed colocation.

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    Why Austin?

    We believe Austin is the perfect city for colocation for many reasons, including the region's low risk of natural disasters and abundant tech talent. Austin, TX is located more than 100 miles outside of Tornado Alley and 200 miles from the nearest coast. Austin is one of the safest areas in the U.S. from the effects of natural disasters.

Austin Colocation Facilities

Data Foundry has three colocation facilities in Austin: Texas 1, Texas 2 and Austin 1. To learn more about these individual facilities, go to our Austin data centers page.

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