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The cloud and colocation are natural allies.

Bob Gill Director of Research, Gartner
  • Cloudtap


    Data Foundry's CloudTap service provides you with a secure, end-to-end private connection to the cloud. Securely connect your deployment and corporate offices to the cloud providers of your choice without traversing the Internet.

    CloudTap facilitates:

    • Cost-effective storage options
    • Greater flexibility
    • Secure storage of critical data
    • Secure use of cloud-based applications
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    Dedicated Cloud Storage

    Maybe you like what your storage array does for you, but you don't like what you have to do for it. Forget about costly annual maintenance and hardware refreshes.

    Our Dedicated Cloud Storage solution is:

    • Located onsite
    • Private
    • Highly secure
    • Flexible
    • Easily scalable
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