WeGoLook Selects Data Foundry’s Texas 1 as its Disaster Recovery Site

Apr 29, 2014

Austin’s low risk of weather related disasters and exceptionally reliable power make Texas 1 an ideal location for a data center

AUSTIN, Texas – April 29, 2014 – Data Foundry, a leading provider of data center colocation and disaster recovery services, today announced that WeGoLook, a diverse field services platform, has selected Data Foundry’s Texas 1 data center as its disaster recovery facility. Texas 1 will serve as a reliable failover in case of an IT outage at WeGoLook’s Oklahoma City headquarters.

WeGoLook enables consumers, regardless of their physical location, to verify any item, property, or person by dispatching a Looker (Agent) on their behalf to provide a personalized report. The reports can include photos, video, and visual observations to make it possible for customers to purchase with confidence and avoid costly surprises or scams. WeGoLook has 10,000+ background checked verified Lookers in the United States.

Customers most commonly use WeGoLook to verify items and assets such as real estate, automobiles, auction items or even potential online dates.

“Our customers access our services via a secure Web portal, so we can’t afford to have an IT related outage,” said Benjamin Hudgens, CTO of WeGoLook. “When we started evaluating data centers for disaster recovery services, Austin was a natural destination because it has a very low risk for natural disasters. Beyond that, Data Foundry’s Texas 1 facility is a purpose built data center that is ultra secure with multiple levels of redundancy.”

WeGoLook was also impressed by Data Foundry’s fast, carrier-neutral network services. WeGoLook utilizes the data center’s blended Internet service that provides access to a minimum of four carriers at once. This ensures fast, efficient and reliable routing for network connectivity.

A robust and comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensures business operations will run smoothly in case of disaster. Data Foundry’s disaster recovery services keep an organization up and running in the event of power outages, natural disasters, computer viruses, and failing hardware or software. These services include high availability colocation for equipment, worksite recovery space for employees affected by a disaster, and carrier-neutral network access.

“We’re extremely pleased that WeGoLook has selected Texas 1 as its disaster recovery site,” said Ed Henigin, CTO at Data Foundry. “WeGoLook joins a growing number of Data Foundry customers across the country that leverage Austin in this way, taking advantage of minimal environmental risks and the advanced capabilities of Texas 1.”

About WeGoLook

WeGoLook is a consumer and field services company with 10,000+ Lookers (Agents) Nationwide. Lookers can travel anywhere to inspect and verify an asset, property or complete customized tasking through photos, video, and dynamic data collection. The company mitigates risks and provides cost-effective solutions for consumers, businesses, and property owners through their cloud based platform. WeGoLook provides recent, essential data for purchasing decisions, asset management, and crowdsourcing solutions. For more information about WeGoLook, please visit www.wegolook.com.