Texas.Net Rolls Out Expanded Suite of Disaster Recovery Services

Nov 10, 2003

AUSTIN, Texas — November 10, 2003 — Texas.Net has introduced an expanded suite of disaster recovery services that enable corporations located in Texas and along the entire Gulf Coast to implement a broad range of business continuance plans in the event of a declared disaster. The new services come as more and more companies are under pressure to plan for any number of business disruptions, including power outages, natural disasters, computer viruses, failing hardware or software, and acts of terrorism.

Texas.Net has enhanced its disaster recovery offerings by introducing a new campus concept, which allows clients to benefit from the company’s data center and networking capabilities in a campus environment. Texas.Net’s two disaster recovery campuses represent safe, off-site locations where clients can colocate mission-critical data and hardware; each campus offers an Internet data center with worksite recovery stations, a world-class network and full living accommodations for a client’s employees who are responsible for maintaining business operations during an emergency.

In addition, the company facilitates end-to-end disaster recovery planning and implementation through its partnerships with the industry’s leading disaster recovery consulting companies. This means Texas.Net can help clients tailor disaster recovery plans to their specific needs – from simple tape back-up of data to complex business continuity solutions.

“A growing number of companies are reevaluating and implementing disaster recovery plans, spurred on in part by recent changes in financial reporting regulations, legislation and insurance mandates,” said Jonah Yokubaitis, CEO and co-founder of Texas.Net. “The bottom line is that the disaster recovery planning process must be thorough and include not only sufficient internal financial controls, but also the facilities where critical business data can be accessed during a disaster.

“The facilities decision is often addressed late in the planning cycle; however, it is, in fact, the most long-term, critical decision of all because it is what you will depend on in an emergency. Our goal is to help make the entire process easy and straightforward – whether a company is in the early stages of disaster recovery planning or putting a disaster recovery plan in action.”

Global Industries, provides pipeline construction, platform installation and removal, diving services and other marine support to the oil and gas industry. Global Industries is one of Texas.Net’s newest clients, and has signed a long-term contract for disaster recovery services. The company is relying on Texas.Net to provide a mirrored hot site – that is, a real-time duplication of data – for its Carlyss, Louisiana headquarters, where Global also operates its deepwater, engineering and estimating departments. Carlyss, located along the Calcasieu Ship Channel, is threatened by seasonal hurricanes that brew in the Gulf of Mexico. Texas.Net’s disaster recovery campuses are geographically ideal – they are not prone to hurricanes and flooding, yet are close enough to provide easy access from anywhere in the region.

“Global evaluated at least four different disaster recovery providers in Austin, Dallas and even Houston, where we have branch offices, and none came close to offering the capabilities and peace of mind that Texas.Net provides,” said Celest Metuassalol, Vice President – Information and Communications for Global Industries for Global Industries. “Our disaster recovery plan is a crucial element in our business operations, and partnering with Texas.Net assures us that our Carlyss site has fail-safe back-up data and connectivity in place should we ever need it.”

About Global Industries

Global Industries provides pipeline construction, platform installation and removal, and diving services to the oil and gas industry in the deepwater and shallow-water areas of the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East/India, South America, and Mexico’s Bay of Campeche. The company’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol “GLBL.” For more information, contact Corporate Development, Global Industries, Ltd., 5151 San Felipe, Suite 900, Houston, Texas 77056. Tel. (713) 479-7663 or www.globalind.com.