Data Foundry Expands Business Relationship with eLawSoftware

Jun 10, 2009

Austin, TX – eLawSoftware, Ltd., a leading provider of criminal case management software, announced today that they have signed a multi-year contract extension with Data Foundry. Data Foundry® will support eLawSoftware’s rapid growth by providing them high-density colocation services as well as a suite of managed security and backup services.

“Over the last few years we have seen our data center needs explode with the growth of our business, and Data Foundry has proven to be an invaluable partner,” said Bill Baker, President of eLawSoftware. “We run extremely high-traffic websites such as & that are truly mission-critical and cannot go down. In all the years we have been in the Data Foundry Austin Data Center, we have never experienced a second of downtime. I would have to say that the engineering support eLawSoftware has received over the years has been nothing short of exemplary.”

Despite current economic conditions, Data Foundry® continues to see demand for data center services from companies all across the United States. “This expansion by eLawSoftware is reflective of the consistent growth we are seeing across our customer base,” said Mark Noonan, Vice President of Sales at Data Foundry, “We are very excited to be a strategic partner of eLawSoftware, and this new contract will represent more than a 10-year business relationship.”

About eLawSoftware and provide up-to-date and pertinent information for people seeking legal representation, including access to attorneys who focus on “driving while intoxicated” defense. Each affiliate attorney is provided a complete profile page devoted to the specifics of his or her practice, including a contact form that is capable of sending multiple emails, text messages or faxes. There is no setup or maintenance fee for affiliate attorneys.

Personal service and a commitment to new web technologies have been the cornerstones of the sites’ growth from a local business to one with nationwide reach.

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