Data Foundry Provides Market-Leading Backup & Recovery Service

May 3, 2017 | Managed Services, News

As business continuity and data recovery become more essential for companies across the board, there is a growing demand for an efficient backup solution that can cover a variety of workloads. We’re pleased to announce a new managed service for our colocation customers, Managed Backup. Our Managed Backup service is a leading enterprise backup solution that allows users to backup or recover terabytes of data in minutes, not hours.

Data center backup can be complex because many organizations maintain a blend of legacy and modern systems. Additionally, companies in all industries are increasingly using a variety of applications and infrastructure models. As a result, they end up with suites of stand-alone data protection solutions.

Our Managed Backup service protects a wide range of environments, including multi-vendor storage, file systems and hypervisors. This all-in-one solution backs up ERP applications like SAP and Oracle, virtual machines, business applications, file servers, storage arrays and databases. It provides broad hypervisor and OS platform support, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and more. Our platform can also be used to back up instances in the cloud, including instances on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. It also provides end-to-end encryption and meets compliance standards for different verticals, including healthcare and finance.

Our Managed Backup service is powered by Commvault, a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in Data Center Backup and Recovery solutions for six years in a row. Commvault ranks highest for all-purpose use, NAS and file systems, virtual machines and database applications.

According to an IDC survey, companies have realized the following improvements using Commvault:

  • 42%-52% reduction in annual spending on data infrastructure, software, services and compliance
  • 47–62% reduction in weekly administrative hours across cloud, disaster recovery (DR), backup, snapshots, discovery, reporting, and scripts
  • 15–30% reduction in data management point solutions
  • 55% reduction in annual unplanned downtime
  • 67–87% improvement in average recovery time for messages, files, and VMs as well as Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint, and SQL
  • 66–217% improvement in data coverage for protection, analytics, encryption, and reporting
  • 63–73% reduction in annual exposure to compliance failures, audit failures, and/or data theft or breach

Go to our Managed Backup page to learn more.