Privacy Policy

The rapid growth of the Internet has brought with it a whole new set of issues regarding personal privacy.

Data Foundry holds personal information about you in the strictest confidence and does not sell or rent that information. Data Foundry will not release or divulge any customer information unless ordered to do so by a court of law.

What follows is the Data Foundry Privacy Policy, which has remained unchanged since the company’s inception.

Customer Information

Data Foundry requires certain information at the time of signup and in the course of providing customer support. This information is necessary for us to provide quality service and support. This information is never released to others, unless we are ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction to do so. Data Foundry has never sold or rented customer lists or any other customer information, and Data Foundry will never do so.

Usage Information

Data Foundry monitors its servers to the extent necessary to ensure that high standards of maintenance are met. Data Foundry does not monitor or record your activities.

Civil Investigations

Data Foundry will not release a customer’s personal information or usage information to investigators, attorneys or agencies unless we are directed to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction in the matter. If there is a hearing in court, the customer will be notified so they will have an opportunity to contest the surrender of personal information.

Criminal Investigations

Data Foundry cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies, yet there must still be a court order before Data Foundry surrenders customer information.

Contact information

Questions or comments regarding this Policy should be submitted to the following:

Data Foundry, LLC.
Attention: General Counsel
4100 Smith School Rd.
Austin, Tx, 78744