Hurricane Season Is Here. Is Your Business Ready?

Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30 every year. Tropical storms cause businesses to lose money from downtime, mostly due to flooding and power outages.

We’re Built for Category 5 Storms

Throughout Hurricane Harvey, our staff remained on site 24×7. We never lost utility power, and flood waters never reached our data centers.

  • Icon circle network downtime

    Built outside 500-year flood plains

  • Icon circle app vulnerability

    185-mph wind-rated structures

  • Icon circle network malware

    Redundant Power Infrastructure

  • Icon circle info theft

    Multiple backup generators

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    Underground fuel storage

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    Showers and break rooms for extended stays

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    Dedicated business continuity office space

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    Backup your Houston footprint to Austin or vice versa via private transport

Houston 2 Data Center

Data Foundry 02 Data Center (Austin)

Excellent work my friends! Our Houston network did not miss a beat throughout this entire storm. What a fantastically designed facility!!!


Office Space for Business Continuity

Companies often lose power and/or are unable to access their offices during emergencies. Data Foundry offers dedicated, customizable office space within several of our data centers. Redundant network and power plus the amenities offered in our facilities will keep your team going in the event of disasters.

Hurricane Season Is Here. Is Your Business Ready?

  • 65% reported losses due to loss of power or utilities
  • 38% reported losses due to flooding
  • Lost revenue, not lost assets, was the greatest cost reported
  • 40% of small businesses in FEMA-designated zip codes reported natural-disaster related losses from 2016-2017

Hurricane Season 2018

Understand what this hurricane season has in store and see costs and paths for recent major hurricanes. Also see 10 key features to look for in a disaster recovery site.

75% chance of a normal to above average hurricane season in 2018

50% of businesses do not have a documented disaster recovery plan

Downtime costs businesses an average of $8,851/minute