How Enterprises Benefit from Colocation Data Centers

Jun 12, 2020 | Colocation

Colocation data centers are an integral part of countless successful enterprises across the globe. It’s not surprising to anyone paying attention to the industry—using a colocation data center has long given businesses options and flexibility that their in-house hosting simply would never be able to match. This gap just keeps widening, something that has become starkly evident thanks to the dramatic increase in demand for remote access employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now more than ever enterprises are turning to colocation data centers for their power, security, and IT requirements.

That’s why it’s important for any forward-thinking CIO to understand not only why but how colocation data centers have become integral to their business’s data and computing needs.

Failing to do so not only puts them behind at the present but could lead to potential threats to their organization in the future.

Colocation data centers offer increased security than in-house hosting

As we move to cloud-based services, digital threats like DDoS attacks and even in-person security breaches have made colocation data centers extremely valuable. This is because colocation data centers offer both external and internal security features that can’t be matched by internal solutions. Our Houston 2 Data Center in Houston offers eight layers of security—from man traps, biometric scanners, gated entry, security booths with dedicated in-person security, and more.

This is even more true when talking about cloud-based tech. Many colocation data centers offer the ability for many smaller organizations to leverage their budgets into a more robust security option so that private cloud use is now a more feasible option.

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Disaster recovery is an available option for colocation data centers

Leveraging colocation data centers offers benefits including better protection from downtime rather than utilizing an in-house data center. This can be the difference between thousands, or millions of dollars lost—a moment in time that can make or break a business’ bottom line and their brand reputation.

Our data centers are purpose-built with redundancy across all critical infrastructure and are strategically located to minimize the risk of natural disasters. We utilize closed-transition automatic transfer switches as well as fault tolerance and concurrent maintainability so that your data will always be powered on and accessible.

On top of that, we offer custom disaster recovery deployments that ensure proper business continuity at a professional level.

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Flexibility and Efficiency

Most enterprises’ data needs change over time. Their business grows and so does their data use. Flexibility is key for any growing organization. By off-loading an IT infrastructure to a data center, these enterprises’ capital costs could be lowered significantly. This allows them the flexibility to scale their operations when they need, instead of pausing to wait for the needed capital to invest and expand their in-house data center. That’s a big deal. Every second that a business doesn’t have the data infrastructure it needs to succeed is an opportunity for a competitor to surpass them. Conversely, agility in this space allows companies to get the resources they need at a moment’s notice and seize the moment. That’s the power of a colocation data center.

Colocation data centers offer significant cost savings when compared with building a private data center due to their dedicated on-site staff who manage and maintain all critical systems.

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