Houston 2 Update: The Data Center is Humming

Dec 10, 2014

What a year it has been at the Houston 2 construction site. Since breaking ground early in 2014, we’ve been making steady progress and are on track to have the data center open for customer tours in early 2015.

Our latest milestones are to get all of the electrical and mechanical gear installed to ready Houston 2 to be commissioned. This means our UPS’s, backup generators, computer room air handlers, and electrical switchgear are all in the process of being installed for testing.

Current time lapse video

Dual Power Feeds – Concrete encased

Houston 2 ‘s dual power feeds are now live and powering the data center for construction and testing. Each power feed enters the Houston 2 campus via diverse paths and are underground encased with concrete.

UPS and Electrical Switchgear

Eaton Powerware UPS modules and electrical switchgear are physically installed. The electrician team is currently cabling and preparing the equipment to be energized.

Cummins Generators Installed

The N+1 Cummins diesel generators each hold 7,600 gallons of fuel and provide power for up to 48 hours per generator. They are configured in an isolated-redundant fashion, preventing a cascading failure from affecting the entire system. With N+1 redundancy, if one generator fails, the remaining ones will carry the load without interruption. Furthermore, the generators are enclosed for protection against severe weather.

CRAHS (Computer room air handlers) Installed

Houston 2 utilizes a highly efficient chilled water cooling system that supports most any power density. With cabinet density options of up to 50kW, Houston 2 is designed to support standard or High Performance Computing (HPC) deployments. It also carries N+1+1 design so at all times Houston 2 will have a redundant chiller for any maintenance.

What’s Next?

Shortly after the new year, the data center white floor space will be installed and the front office and conference center will be completely enclosed. The parking lot and driveway will be poured and tours will start. Please contact us now to schedule your January tour of Houston 2 and see how we can meet your future needs.