Houston 2 Data Center Is Taking Shape

Jun 12, 2014 | Data Centers

Construction of Houston 2 is moving forward extremely well! Over the past couple of weeks, crews made significant progress as the structural steel has been put in place, additional conduit has been positioned and the site cast concrete walls are set to be put in place at Houston 2. Construction of the structural steel is a major milestone because it acts as the “skeletal system” of the data center. It’s now getting easier to visualize exactly how massive this premium data center will be.

Panoramic Photos

Current view from inside Pod 1

Pod 1 roof deck skyline view

Structural Steel Frame

Corner of the generator yard that will house scalable 2.25 MW N+1 diesel generators looking east at Pod 1

Reinforced structural steel beams supporting the roof of Pod 1

Bell Pier and Steel Support (Behind that you see the depressed slab and chilled water trench)

One of the Primary Grounds for Pod 1

High voltage – Medium voltage transfer. This is looking from inside Houston 2 out into the generator yard

Sub-foundation conduit for electrical transfer, telecommunications and plumbing

Tilt Wall Casting Forms

Casting forms for concrete wall panels

Aerial view of casting forms for concrete walls

Despite torrential rainfall in the Houston area, construction continues to hit deadlines and we march toward our next milestone, which will be the site cast concrete walls going up. Stay tuned for our next Houston 2 construction update in a couple of weeks!