As Harvey Subsides, Data Foundry Staff Unites

Aug 31, 2017

The sun made its first appearance in Houston after the storm late Tuesday afternoon. We are relieved that Harvey has moved on, and feel for those in Louisiana that are going to potentially experience some flooding as well. Although the storm has passed and our data centers are dry, Harvey left so many without homes, including some of our own staff and their families.

As a Texas company with many employees in the Houston area and co-founders who grew up in Houston, the city is close to our hearts. We are setting up stations at our Austin data centers and our headquarters for people to bring items they wish to donate. The company has also allowed for several days of emergency PTO for affected employees and for employees with friends and family who need help. Our primary goal is to get help to our people in Houston.

Shane Menking, President of Data Foundry says, “We have had a number of our people and their immediate families in Houston that have lost their home. We have secured hotel rooms for the families that have been impacted that are in need. We feel confident everyone will have a place to stay outside of a shelter. The executive team and others based in Austin have made the trip to Houston to lend a hand. We are utilizing office space in our Houston 2 data center as our staging and distribution center.”

Loading up the U-Haul with supplies for Houston.

Those going to Houston are picking up donations from Data Foundry staff at our Austin data centers and headquarters and loading up supplies in trucks and SUVs to take to Houston 2. The team will be making recurring runs. Anything not needed by our people will be donated to other local organizations.

Food donations at Houston 2

Cleaning supplies ready for distribution

Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis, Data Foundry’s founders, also orchestrated the aid of Data Foundry’s sister companies, Giganews and Golden Frog. Giganews and Golden Frog employees have donated supplies and helped coordinate relief efforts. Carolyn Yokubaitis states, “We are so pleased and touched with the generosity and care that our entire Austin-based staff from all three companies has already made.” Executives and team members from all three companies arrived on Thursday, August 31, with their first delivery of food and necessities, as well as demolition and cleaning supplies for families in Houston. Deliveries will continue throughout the next several weeks as the region begins its efforts to rebuild. Carolyn adds, “It’s wonderful to see our companies come together in this time of need.”

Both Ron and Carolyn grew up in Houston, and the city and surrounding areas are an important part of their lives. Ron Yokubaitis states, “While this disaster will likely be the largest to hit the area, I know firsthand the resilience of those that live on the Gulf Coast.” Ron adds, “Before the first vehicles arrived with supplies, our people in Houston were already in the process of rebuilding. They were reluctant to accept the donations we were bringing, and they wanted to ensure that someone in greater need didn’t need them first. Those people embody the spirit of our hometown.”

If you would like to help those in need due to Hurricane Harvey, you can also donate to a variety of disaster relief funds: