Hurricane Preparedness Tips For IT and Business Leaders

Jul 14, 2015 | Insights

It’s not too late to establish an alternate location for your business servers, systems and networks for continuous uptime. Data Foundry can help you establish a secondary site at Texas 1, our flagship data center in Austin, TX, which is considered an ideal geographic location to house disaster recovery infrastructure.

Hurricane Facts Infographic

Data Foundry has developed a Hurricane Readiness Infographic that includes the 2015 hurricane predictions and other useful statistics, including a grading system showing disaster recovery preparedness.

Secondary Sites White Paper

Selecting the right data center for disaster recovery readiness is a crucial and complex decision every company must make. We understand the importance of these types of decisions. That’s why we have written a white paper, which includes a list of the nine key factors every organization should consider when looking for a secondary-site solution.

Disaster Readiness Checklist

In the event of a disaster, it can still be “business as usual” if you have properly prepared regardless of the weather or catastrophe. To get started, take a few minutes to review our Disaster Readiness Checklist!

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