Data Foundry Tours FCC Commissioner in Newest Texas Data Center

Feb 6, 2018

AUSTIN, Texas – February 6, 2018 — Data Foundry executives toured FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn through their newest state of the art data center, Texas 2, located on their 40-acre Data Ranch in Austin. Data Foundry has always made it a top priority to operate carrier-neutral data centers, ensuring customers have a variety of network carriers to choose from. This open access environment results in a competitive marketplace of carriers within our data centers, giving companies some leverage to negotiate with network providers to meet their business needs.

“However, as soon as you step outside the data center, it’s a different story, said Data Foundry co-founder, Ron Yokubaitis. “Most of Austin faces a duopoly when it comes to their choice of Internet providers. We would love to see the rest of Austin, and the rest of the country, have the same options as our customers do in our data centers.”

Data Foundry has toured dozens of elected state and federal officials, as well as the former FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler. “We make these tours a priority because we want officials to see what an open access market looks like firsthand and understand what it would mean for businesses and citizens alike,” said Shane Menking, President of Data Foundry. Data Foundry’s history is rooted in advancing policies that promote digital privacy and innovation, and Open Access plays an important role in furthering these goals.

“With the recent repeal of Net Neutrality rules, we feel it is more important now than ever to demonstrate the benefits of Open Access,” says Menking.